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  1. According to an IRRS Journal I have and the Ernie Shepherd book on the MGWR the coach liveries were in 1900 plain brown unlined similar to the Great Eastern Railway (which seems to have heavily influenced Atock) and of the blue & white livery for the new Mail set introduced by Cusack. The plain mid brown with straw lining livery came after the blue & white Livery. There is a mistake in the Ernie Shepherd book drawings for the 6 wheeler stock saying the mid brown & straw lining was before the blue & white livery but the description on the chapter on coaching stock clearly s
  2. I remember reading an IRRS article or it could have been New Irish Lines with a picture of a GSWR 1st class 3 wheeler painted in chocolate and cream. The article said two 1st 3 wheelers were painted in the livery for mainline use if I remeber correctly.
  3. Neither would be fit to lace the boots of Graham Sharpe!!
  4. As an Evertonian I have to say Man City are an amazing team and lets hope the Spurs go marching on in Madrid in 3 weeks!!
  5. Interesting stuff, thanks for the info. So is Dublin port going to be mainly LO/LO containers and Rosslare taking over the RO/RO container traffic now and is there going to be more LO/LO container traffic in Ireland's ports with Brexit putting pressure on the land bridge we had to Europe? Are we going to see more container traffic from Rotterdam due to Brexit?
  6. https://www.multimodal.org.uk/article/iwt-freight-trains-increase-30?fbclid=IwAR344m1WhkVIiU9OnrAv68VyCmuzVaT0LYwfjpHUjr3DzQd0wYcOf7OpOXc Good news on the railfreight front. I would be interested to know who is the customer from Tuam who uses the service and why it is more favourable than using the motorway from Dublin and the new M17 motorway since we are always told Ireland is too small to favour rail over motorways for freight traffic?
  7. Greenway groups seem to be on the extreme edges of Irish society at the moment making a lot of noise for a minority group but Irish Rails numbers on the Limerick Galway route make for interesting reading in this article, https://www.limerickpost.ie/2019/04/13/limerick-to-galway-railway-journeys-continue-to-grow/. It is on course to carry 420,000 passengers this year making it Irish Rails fastest growing route!!! Remember the constant doom and gloom about what a failure this line would be , a white elephant etc... With the rising need to reduce our carbon footprint and Galway's chr
  8. Athbhliain faoi shéan is faoi mhaise duit Leslie.
  9. I have used Humbrol no 2 Emerald Gloss Green and got good results for the CIE lighter Green on C231. For the pale green lining I used Humbrol no 90 Beige Green Matt and had Weshty make up some number transfers in this colour to match.
  10. Sorry lads and lassies but these kits are now sold.
  11. Hey all , I have two Model Irish Railways Hunslet 101 class loco body kits (101 eagle/102 Falcon) for sale complete with all etches , paint , transfers , castings and name plates but no instructions or donor class 20 chassis!! I am only looking for what I paid for them which was €135 in total (not incl postage). (I have window etch which is missing in the picture and I will post up a pic of the two complete sets of window etches when I get the chance!!)
  12. If you modified the ladder taking away the full width balcony it does remind me a bit of a DSER/DWWR style cabin.
  13. Here is a couple of pictures of the carriage shed at Achill courtesy of achill.gaa.ie. It is the old corrugated hayshed like structure behind the signal box.
  14. It looks like a Ballina shuttle at Manulla Jct. sometime between 1988 and 1990 to me.
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