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  1. murrayec

    Bray Train & Model Fair

    Hi Guys Don't forget the Fair this coming Sunday. Eoin
  2. Hi Here is my take on a West Clare Walker Diesel in 4mm for a chap doing 00n3. The body is a Worsley Works brass etch which looks very nice and shiny in its bag, after doing a bit of research I reckon it will need a few extra holes and some score lining... Extra .5mm holes being added for; - Head Lamps, Marker lights, Water fill, Exhaust brackets, Screen wipers, Horns, Vacuum pipes, & Couplers. This was all done with the parts still in the sprue as its easier to hold this way. After cutting out the chassis and cab parts, removing the cusp and sizing things up, a plan of action was formulated. There will be four main components to build as individual items- Chassis, Cab, Bonnet 1, & Bonnet 2. When these parts are complete it will be decided how to put it together. I left some of the sprue in the chassis to give a bit of reinforcement while building, this will be removed when the time comes. After playing with the cab parts for a while I decided it was time to build the jig I had been thinking about for holding body parts while soldering. This cab is a bit twee and just about fits together, there is a few gaps when assembled on the chassis, I think the magic etch offset line was not used so gentile persuasion will be required and a jig is the man for this! This unit is designed to be adaptable for other kits n stuff Windows on first, slightly ajar Then three sides are jigged up, the chassis has slots and half etched lines to aid, but the parts just don't quite make it- a bit of filling later I think. The fourth side goes on when the other three are soldered. Tack soldering here only, to get it held in place, then finally soldering off the jig to complete.
  3. murrayec

    Walker Diesel Class F - ECMbuild in 4mm for OOn3

    Hi Colin R That's sad to hear, I thought something was wrong all right, I got no reply from my follow-up emails... so left him alone. Eoin
  4. murrayec

    Walker Diesel Class F - ECMbuild in 4mm for OOn3

    So you thought I'd forgotten the Walker! No word back from the supplier on bogie parts since March?? so I decided to fabricate my own- based on the rubber band drive idea I'm working on for the N 141..... The drawing was completed for the bogie frames, bogie bolsters, motor system, fuel tanks, bogie sides, cranks, and crank counter weights- all to be cnc cut from .3mm NS sheet;- A close up of the parts, all the cutting worked out fine with a 1mm end mill and the half cut done with an 45deg engraving tool for the fold lines;- The chassis plate was cut out of .7mm PCB board with engraved lines to position the fuel tanks and bogie bolsters when soldering on, one of those D shapes will be pressed out for the motor pulley drive to go through to drive the bogie ;- All the parts removed from the sheet and on the right is the motor bogie frame cleaned up and about to be folded, soldered and wheeled- though need to make a few long axles as we have outside cranks. There are 110 parts to make up the wheeled motor bogie with side-frame details, I have only cut out parts for one set of side-frames, if all goes together OK! I will be making moulds from these for casting white metal sides;- So a bit of processing over the week end........ Eoin
  5. murrayec

    Arigna Town - this week's scenery

    Hi David Very nice write-up on your creation in the Gauge O Guild Gazette this month, and thumbs up on plugging IRM forum to Eoin
  6. murrayec

    Hello from Virginia Beach, VA......

    Hi tommy These chaps may be able to help in sourcing drawings, they hold a lot of drawings for Irish, not sure if they have much NCC stuff but worth a try;- http://www.irrs.ie/ These chaps have a lot of narrow gauge drawings in published booklets and in an archive, you may have to be a member to purchase? but you can view the lists on the site , they cover a lot of Irish Narrow Gauge Lines and may have what your looking for;- https://www.7mmnga.org.uk/ Worsley Works do a few stock kits;- http://www.worsleyworks.co.uk/NG/NG_Irish_BL_BC.htm and another link that may help;- https://www.facebook.com/Ballymena-and-Larne-Railway-Society-1086502761360581/ Good luck Eoin
  7. murrayec

    Small production run of MGWR 6 wheel thirds

    Here is a pic of a Worsley Works 6 wheeler lav;-
  8. murrayec

    Studio scale models worth it??

    Total agree with John I have reclaimed a fair few brass and white metal kits for people- the Flying Scot on my work bench is one example (though the first attempt by the owner was with super-glue which made the de-construction a bit easier) I have two J15 brass kits and a white metal 121 being reclaimed at the moment- well when time allows! SSM kit's are superb, I would recommend if your starting to do brass kits for the first time- first have a go at SSM's telephone kiosk, then a Wickham Inspection Van, and then on to what you want- S or V! Brass kits do need a bit of working out, they do not go together like an modern Airfix model- check 6 times & solder once! and get a copy of Ian Rice's book 'Etched Loco Construction' Wild Swan Publications, or George Dent's Modelling books- Kit Building Vol 1 & 2- Loco Construction, and Rolling Stock Construction- both have a healthy serving of brass kit building and more. Noel;- here is a spanner! what happens if your sat nav battery runs out? a good navigator would know the workings of a sextant! I believe the modeller should apply the same rule..... Eoin
  9. murrayec

    Class 800 Gauge O CNC Parts

    ......and here is Macha with body back on, ready to go back to its crew for painting and finishing.
  10. I'm doing the valve gear, wheel weights & break gear on a Class 800 Gauge O kit- no. 801 'Macha' for a chap. A lot of parts for this are not supplied with the kit so have to be fabricated and decided to experiment with cutting them out CNC style!! Some mods to the crosshead and cylinders is required as the kit seems to be based on LNER valve gear and the 800 was a little different I took many photos of the model and imported them into cad and worked out the design for the crosshead system, a chassis hanger assembly to hold the H frame crosshead bar that was more applicable to the class. I also worked out the break stuff from 800 drawings and then got machining.... This is the machine now installed in a dust/noise cabinet- it's hard still to stay in the room when the spindle is up at full speed But it's fascinating to watch the parts appear out of the sheet of metal, this is a shot of the break hangers, wheel weights and crosshead hanger assembly in .5mm brass and complete Break shoes in 2mm Drelin being cut out, this is easier on the ears as the spindle is running much slower and complete This is the crosshead H bar parts and distinctive 800 crosshead bracket in .4mm nickel silver as these wont be painted All worked very well, looking forward to sticking it together......... Eoin
  11. murrayec

    Class 800 Gauge O CNC Parts

    Completed the second set of valve gear for Macha...... This is the gear coming together, a small brass tube was used to remove the wobble in the steam valve rod, two were made to tighten up the mechanism so that the combination lever would miss the cross head- it worked! Nearly all the gear ready to go on Front steam rod housing installed in steam chest and combining link had a little kink added for more clearance Counter-sunk screws installed in chassis detail parts...... and it's complete! Now the test run with both sides erected?? Excellent it runs fine, all the gear does what it's supposed! but we have a wobbly wheel at the back end causing a bit of a stutter- the whole assembly will be coming apart again for painting so hopefully the wheel can be sorted then. Job is complete When I get the body back on I'll post a few photos Eoin
  12. murrayec

    Scale "0" Gauge

    oops lads! sorry about that- cant be adding a percentage to a ratio, my convoluted calculation needed another step- 1 / .864 = 1.157 then 43.5 x 1.157 = 50.3 = 1:50 But jhb stick with Ken's maths, it's simpler and I just had to much chocolate cake after dinner...... Eoin
  13. murrayec

    Scale "0" Gauge

    It's easy jhb Track = 32mm divide by 37mm (Irish Scale Gauge O Track) = .864 so add .86 to 43.5 (UK Gauge O Scale) = 1:44.3 = Irish Gauge O Model scale..... Eoin
  14. murrayec

    Scale "0" Gauge

    Hi jhb ...so then I reckon 1:44.3 would be your model scale? Eoin
  15. murrayec

    Scale "0" Gauge

    Hi jhb You'll have to make the track! Best to look at David Holman's threads on Gauge O layouts in spot-on Irish gauge, also he could advise on best approach.... Eoin
  16. murrayec

    Some useful Tools

    Hi Broithe Yes filing cabinets are the one;- Lidl A4 plastic filing cabinet for €10.00 built into a plywood frame on wheels, stores plastic sheet in drawers with slots on top for styrene section and scanner. Wheels in under the bench. This one is again an A4 document storage unit used for tools and modelling stock, these are expensive to buy new but can be found second-hand at better rate. This is Lidl again, deeper A4 drawers, is metal and is on wheels, comes in at around €40.00, I use it for tools and modelling stock also. I worked out the size of the cabinet I will require if I put all the tins and glues in trays- 1m tall with 16 trays! .....well 6 made another 10 to go! Eoin
  17. murrayec

    Some useful Tools

    Paint Tinlet, Jar, glue, and other things storage trays;- In a small workshop like mine as the tins & jars mount up it gets rather difficult to store them and the worst is to access them if in boxes, inevitably the tin your looking for is at the bottom which means all the others have to come out first! These trays made in 3.2mm mdf make the job a breeze, cut to take all sizes, all I do is select the right tray, pop the lid & I'm off painting, the tin stays in the tray so nice and stable, cant be knocked over. Trays can be assigned the most used paints or by colour range, their stackable so handy to store away and I plan to make a container to store the stack.... thats for another day! Eoin
  18. murrayec

    Dugort Harbour

    Looking good jhb I would support an extension to this layout, but no address to submit 'Comments & Observations' has been given for the Chief Domestic Officer so therefore I argue that planning permission should be granted by default! Eoin
  19. murrayec

    Clogher Valley Project

    Nice David I like the display height, it's looking at trains at the right height- side on, and not down onto roofs!! I hope you will consider supplying a small step ladder for the younger viewer? - there was a chap who came to the shows here, he brought his grandchild and a step ladder under arm, when they came to a layout to view the ladder was erected and the boy elevated to view, best bit was- the ladder was placed a safe distance from the layout- out of arms reach! I've not seen him recently, reckon the kid has grown up and now has extended legs! Eoin
  20. murrayec

    CIE Locomotive Grey specification

    Hi jhb Their from Des in SSM In fairness to the chap who recommended Humbrol 27 said it was the starting point he would then weather & dirty it up. We plan to do the same to the J10..... I have been practising;- Eoin
  21. murrayec

    Interesting comments re CIE

    Hi FFT The above text is a cut n paste job from the original discussion on another forum- if you click on the link in the text, the context of the '3 foot GM' will be revealed Eoin
  22. murrayec

    CIE Locomotive Grey specification

    Hi Guys A chap on here in the J10 thread advised to use Humbrol 27 'Matt Sea Grey' Eoin
  23. murrayec

    Class 458 Build

    Excellent work Ken Best way to do projects, all together! each process assists in each project, and repetition makes the work better... I have Mr Bolton's book on building 0-6-0 J15 (British), excellent info. The tank loco one is on my to get list Eoin
  24. murrayec

    Bray Train & Model Fair

    Hi All Apologies for not having next months flyer at the Fair yesterday- two patrons were disappointed as they are collecting the flyers! Date is now confirmed;- I will also bring along flyers for this Fair, so that those two chaps will be able to complete the set! Eoin
  25. murrayec

    Train & Model Fair


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