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  1. Horsetan

    650 Class test build

    Going OT, but if you ever get round to doing an etch for the "Z" boiler/Belpaire firebox to go on a 101/J15, do let us know. Cheers!
  2. Horsetan

    Worsley Works: NCC/UTA "WT" 2-6-4T kit

    I have managed to track down some Derby drawing numbers for the "WT" at the National Railway Museum's "Search Engine", and it might be possible to order copies (though bear in mind that each copy costs a lot of money!):: 16824 - Arrangement of G8AS boiler (modified) 16825 - Arrangement of firebox (modified) 16864 - Arrangement of frame 16865 - Arrangement of cab, tanks and bunker 16868 - Bunker and rear tanks 16869 - Ashpan 16870 - Pipe and rod arrangement 16871 - Pipe and rod - end views 16872 - Arrangement of brake shafts and carriers 16877 - Regulator 16881 - Fabricated bogie 16882 - Bogie general arrangement 16909 - Brake pull rods 16914 - Leading pony truck arrangement 16938 - Smokebox 16942 - Smokebox saddle 16962 - Boiler clothing
  3. Horsetan

    Studio scale models worth it??

    No, but the Worsley Works "WT" is now virtually ready, so do contact Allen Doherty if you want one.
  4. I've just had a message from Allen Doherty at Worsley Works. The body kit for the long awaited "WT" class 2-6-4T is virtually ready, and can apparently be adapted to fit the Hornby Fowler 2-6-4T chassis. The chassis etch designed for 21mm gauge will follow afterwards. I've waited many years for this!!! Contact Allen to ask for prices and hopefully order yours! http://www.worsleywo...uk/WW/Email.htm Update: Body £50, Chassis fret £25
  5. Horsetan

    Class 800 Drawings

    That looks excellent. Anything that makes Irish loco drawings more accessible has to be welcomed.
  6. Horsetan

    C.B &S. C Baldwins

    Who knows?
  7. Horsetan

    OO Works J15

    Wonder if this will have much impact on sales of the SSM kit?
  8. Horsetan

    Broad gauge modellers?

    I'm not sure Adavoyle is really an exhibition layout anymore. It's a full-time job for SDMRC.
  9. Still scratching the East German itch, a secondhand Roco 01.5 pacific joined the collection a while back, as did a German reference book on the class. Roco turned it out as 01.0525-4, but I have since swapped the cab and numberplates to represent the preserved 01.533 which is the property of the Austrian OGEG (Museum of Railway History). Roco have a particularly good spares service, and you can order the parts direct from their website - delivery is in the order of 7 to 14 days.
  10. Horsetan

    Class A ECMCHAS for Silver Fox Model

    Highly interesting stuff.
  11. Horsetan

    MIR 121 Kit

    On the other hand, the MIR kit did have weight in its favour.....
  12. Horsetan

    IRM Bubble goes on sale

    Photobucket now charges vast sums for allowing links to photos, so unfortunately we can't see 'em here.
  13. Horsetan

    New kits from Worsleyworks

    The more, the merrier.
  14. Horsetan

    MGWR/GSR K1/K1a class (Woolwich Moguls)

    Some additional notes: Original K1 and K1a smokeboxes weren't so much welded as flush-riveted. That is to say that, once applied, the rivet heads were blended into the sheet metal of the smokebox. They would not show in photos. Once the GSR/CIE overhaul scheme was underway and the smokeboxes fell to be replaced, standard practice was to use snaphead rivets whose domed heads were clearly visible. They were somewhat cheaper in terms of labour costs to use. The Maunsell door was also replaced by the GSR style (similar to the SECR Wainwright type which was part-domed, part-flush) with a wheel-and-handle. The Irish engines also had a wider overall width over their footplates: I forget if it was 8'9". Both K1/K1a shared the same 7'3"X 8'3" wheelbase, as did the British "N", but the 6' wheeled "U" had its own 7'3" X 7'9".
  15. Horsetan

    New kits from Worsleyworks

    You definitely have a third confirmed order here - it's been in his in-tray since 2012! Who else can be convinced to come on board? UPDATE: I sent Mr Doherty an e-mail this morning to confirm it. He replied simply: "Noted." As for parts to complete the Jeep: - driving wheels are shared with the LMS Black 5, so it's Ultrascale or Alan Gibson Workshop (AGW). - pony and bogie wheels are LMS/BR standard anyway - Axles for 21mm gauge can be had from Ultrascale, or you could cut your own from 1/8" and 2mm steel rod. - The Jeep's G8AS boiler is shared with the LMS Fowler 4P 2-6-4T, so some of the latter's fittings could be borrowed in the short term - AGW does a fair few Midland/LMS fittings, some of which might pass for NCC - Motor and drivetrain: down to individual preference. I only use coreless plus reversible drivetrains, so I accumulate old Portescap RG4s or - more recently - the Marklin one.

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