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  1. Bachmann and Hornby announcements

    009 heaven by Bachmann! Great to see them!
  2. Fitting hand rails to a loco body

    Hi All, A quick question, I have several T&D Chivers 009 model kits bodies assembled and would like to add handrails and knobs to add more detail to the loco. I have Alan Gibson short knobs and brass wire, but very little experience as to how to go about it. I even have a small hand drill to cut a hole in the whitemetal body. If anyone can assist let me know Here is 5T seen overlooking Slea Head and the Blaskets, surely the furthest a T&D loco has gone!
  3. Help! Which scale to model

    Hi All, Just a quick question, I have recently become owner of a 1:43 scale model of Castlegregory station building, which would seem to suggest I should do a 7mm narrow gauge model of Castlegregory.... However....I have one fully built T&D 2-6-2T in 009, two 2-6-0T bodies assembled, and one "in the works" although neither have chassis at the minute. There is a Chivers 7mm version of the T&D 2-6-0T, there are etches available for carriages etc but I'm terrified of brass Finally I've a reasonable collection of 00 stuff like an 071 (077), 201 (220), 141 (143/177), 181 (187) about 4 cravens, and the same MK2Ds...plus a host of Hornby/Bachmann mostly LMS locos. That I will probably dispose of over time. Question is which do I do?! I would like to go ahead with a narrow gauge model of Castlegregory but which scale? Any help would be great
  4. Tralee & Blennerville news

    Hi folks the up to date position. Our impromptu Grouping met a month ago in Tralee and held a Meeting .What followed that day was a photo taken with our Town Engineer and a marvellous article in The Kerryman Newspaper by marisa reidy see link attached http://www.independent.ie/regionals/kerryman/lifestyle/we-want-to-get-our-train-back-on-track-30943062.html , which ( excuse the pun ) helped set off a head of steam , for the regenerated Campaign. The Blennerville Windmill Company controls the Steam Railway facility - dormant now for nearly seven years. The informal group met on the 21st Feb in Tralee and following a short Meeting, visited The Blennerville facility and then walked the Rail Line, including an evaluation of the track with sleeper inspection and rail inspection. All is not as worse feared, and is very easily rectified. At 4.15pm , we then met Jim Finucane, MCC & Tralee District Mayor. He was accompanied by John Griffin , representing KCC who has a proven record, going all the way back to the original Project in getting The Tralee - Blennerville Steam Line , up in running in 1995. We have had, what we describe, as a preliminary sounding out Meeting .We will meet again , with John & Jim , to present a detailed Proposal. We are not at one Yet , in the way they perceive control over the project succeeding and where we see it going. We see a very Volunteer orientated Organisation, which we believe , may appeal to them , when they see the fuller picture. A 3ft diesel loco has been identified. In the meantime , we need to stabilise and formulate our structure. We have lots of work to do and we need people to Volunteer their Services - where they feel that they have a particular Skill level ? So basically , an Audit of Talents , is immediately needed and then we can assess where we are going .We are setting our perceptive sites on 2016 or late 2015 at the earliest, to get this project up and running - if we succeed in selling our ability and skills to the current Company and Kerry County Council. check the facebook page which has now grown massively to over 530 members! http://www.facebook.com/groups/traleeanddinglesteamrailway/ http://traleesteamrailway.webs.com Eddie Barrett & Darragh Connolly
  5. 850 Nearly there!

    love it!!
  6. All, Angus Moncur was born in waterloo, Liverpool. He and his wife moved to Ireland in the mid 1990's, they moved to a place called Muríoch in west Kerry the farside of Dingle. Angus told me about the trains he saw as a child, in LMS days, he was a BIG LMS fan, which later grew upon me, so now the majority of my steam locomotives and steam carriages are LMS because of his influence. As im sure ye know Bachmann are due to produce their LYR 2-4-2T after December, I had aimed at buying one to show angus, but I was too late. Angus died during summer 2013, I had meant to go out to him the week after but unfortunately he died in peace. I should probably mention that his wife had cancer from 2009 and was going through radio therapy etc. she was in a wheelchair looking very frail when I last saw her, she was the best in the world very inviting and very friendly. I should also mention that angus was agnostic (had no religion) but he converted to Catholicism and was baptised in Dingle church! They became ministers of the eucharist, and angus even got a medal from the pope for his work! At every wedding, baptism and funera angus and mollie would be volunteering with no help from any one local. They truly were the best of humanity, pitty we cant all be like them. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam. On my very last visit to Angus (after mollies death) I decided to take some photos of the east end of his large 00 layout. I was fortunate I took them as the layout is probably dismantled now. I brought my LMS 2P and my cravens over to show him their quality. His layout was based on waterloo to Crosby ("waterloo? I said, in London? It seems a bit small." Angus laughed and explained it was his local station in Liverpool, part of the Lancashire and Yorkshire later LMS I believe.). The layout ran the full length of the bungalow's attic which was considerably long. I haven't any measurements of it. The photos are not great quality but they are the only such photos of the layout, so apologies for that. Also Angus had put aside his black 5 number 5000 and 4 LMS coaches away for me, he must have known that he was going to die, this surely must give me the reason to start building a model railway, I am undecided whether to do a 00 gauge version of my own local station Roscrea (with modifications to fit the room), a 009 layout based on the fictional but locally talked of extension from castlegregory to cloghane (my granddad was from castlegregory and got me interested in the T&D, now lives in dingle) or a 0-16.5mm version of the latter. Any suggestions would be great! P.S date on pictures is wrong!
  7. Your model railway village magazine

    I recently picked up a "your model railway village" collectors mag in super value today....for €5.00 included was a mark 1 coach and a length of track.....upon looking at the mark 1...it is actually pretty good.....unbelievable value.....id nearly say its better quality than the Hornby mark 1s.......maybe it might be an idea to buy up some mags and create a whole length train! Metal wheels and quite heavy...... should check it out!
  8. Peter Levy death

    Here follows a comment from Jonathon Levy (Peters son) on the Tralee and Dingle Steam Railway Group facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/traleeanddinglesteamrailway "The following was a letter to the editor of The Kerryman from my late father Peter, sent 28th October 2007, which we found recently in his old emails. In it, he expresses his disappointment at the condition of the steam railway at that time. I don't know if it was ever printed but I thought it would be worth sharing here. SIR, I was shocked, on a recent visit to Tralee, to see the neglected condition of the Tralee Steam Railway, a project I conceived way back in the 1980s. It's probably been forgotten in Tralee now, but it was only thanks to a dedicated committee and the enthusiasm of many Tralee people that we were able to bring what I believe is a priceless item of Tralee's heritage, namely locomotive 5T, back from the United States where it had been rescued from scrapping by US railway enthusiast Edgar T Mead. Thanks to the support of a number of key people - and I must single out the former manager of FAS, Joe Dunne, we were able to see the project through to fruition. In those days there were very few positive things happening in Tralee. High unemployment and emigration overshadowed everything and the resoration of the canal, together with the Blennerville windmill and the train project, seened to offer an alternative to the gloom. Unfortunately, the heritage projects went a step too far with the building of the Jeannie Johnston. I think it would be a loss to Tralee and Kerry generally, though, if the Tralee Steam Railway is going to suffer continuing neglect because of the negative impact of the Jeannie Johnston disaster on heritage projects in Tralee. Obviously, the Tralee Steam Railway needs money to get it back on track. But it also needs ideas to bring out its full potential and I would gladly assist any group in Tralee interested in progressing the project in that regard. Sincerely, Peter Levy." In his obituary Peter was described as "disillusioned" with the outcome of the railway after spending so much time and effort in repatriating 5T from the USA, unfortunately Peter never got to "support" any group, as no one was interested, However his daughter got in contact with me via the facebook page and I did have contact with Peter himself, although he was quite ill at that time, he died after a long battle with pulmonary fibrosis an incurable lung disease. Rest in Peace.
  9. packaging

    I once bought a 201 class loco 220 from Marks Models as I had bought quite a bit of stock there over the years, I got it delivered along with the preserved version of B141. Upon delivery they were contained not in a secure box, but a paper jiffy bag or paper envelope. As a result the locos were damaged, especially the 201 class, one of its noses was completely damaged, and not runnable. I visited the city centre premises in person to ask for a refund, which I could not get as apparently the order originated from another store outside of the city centre. After paying almost €300.00 on quite delicate locomotives, I expected more in terms of secure packaging. I have since ordered all new stock including 141/Mk2D stock from another store who actually provides a very good service and proper packaging. I hope that in future all orders will be packaged properly.
  10. Kerry Model Railway Society

    Does anyone hear know anything about the Kerry model Railway Society? IR201
  11. Railway coach and loco bodies

    Users, I heard on another site that the front section of an AEC railcar has been saved in the back garden somwhere near monkstown on the Bleach green to antrim line. Also half of an SLNCR coach at manorhamilton?? Are these true?? They would make great models
  12. Blennerville Steam Railway

    Users, It looks as though the Blennerville steam railway, Tralee, co. Kerry, may make a comeback within the next year or two. I am trying to push the council into reopening it, if you would like to give suggestions or ask questions, please visit: http://gswrg.webs.com/ Go raibh maith agaibh Irishrail201
  13. Blennerville steam railway

    Users, It looks as though the Blennerville steam railway, Tralee, co. Kerry, may make a comeback within the next year or two. I am trying to push the council into reopening it, if you would like to give suggestions or ask questions, please visit: http://gswrg.webs.com/ Go raibh maith agaibh Irishrail201

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