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  1. irishrail201

    009 Scale

    I have to find the time and space to get started in 009! I have several Chivers T&D whitemetal kits completed, or partially completed. I have Hunslet number 5 2-6-2T, and 4 of the 2-6-0T's. I do know the difference in height etc. however my aim is purely demonstration and a feel not complete accuracy. Parkside Dundas have just released 009 T&D van kits that are relatively easy to assemble (plastic)
  2. irishrail201

    Bachmann and Hornby announcements

    009 heaven by Bachmann! Great to see them!
  3. irishrail201

    Fitting hand rails to a loco body

    Hi All, A quick question, I have several T&D Chivers 009 model kits bodies assembled and would like to add handrails and knobs to add more detail to the loco. I have Alan Gibson short knobs and brass wire, but very little experience as to how to go about it. I even have a small hand drill to cut a hole in the whitemetal body. If anyone can assist let me know Here is 5T seen overlooking Slea Head and the Blaskets, surely the furthest a T&D loco has gone!
  4. irishrail201


    I got them commissioned by a firm in Dublin and I donated them to the Railway. I'll PM you details. I would love to have more at Stradbally as funds allow.
  5. irishrail201


    Fits in with our corporate branding Wrenneire!!!
  6. irishrail201

    Kerry Model Railway Festival

    Well they can send the only bit of original T&Dness there to us if they like? 5T remains in pieces and its long term future very unknown...I'll post some pics of artefacts I have in a separate forum for those interested, it includes a T&D Tyers token dating from 1895, several weigh bills, and carriage plates etc.
  7. irishrail201

    Kerry Model Railway Festival

    I think the Chester Model Railway Group were there at the weekend and brought their 12mm collection of T&D stock.......when the leave I think it reverts back to a Jinty on 00 gauge track. Looks quite well.
  8. irishrail201

    Clogher Valley Project

    Fabulous! Don't suppose you could help me build some 7mm kits!
  9. irishrail201


    JB this is quite correct I used the train quite a lot in 2014 and 2015. Majority of passengers go as far as Nenagh...very few after...which is why I think it was ridiculous investing in the Nenagh - Limerick section with a vastly improved motorway being built adjacent. If the line was terminated at Nenagh the same rolling stock could be used to double the frequency on the Nenagh - Ballybrophy section at more suitable times for passengers, this has been indicated in the Aecom Report published relatively recently within the past few years. Also when on the train I know of a handful of people that DROVE to Ballybrophy from Nenagh to commute!!!! They always got the 18:00 back to Ballybrophy to collect their cars
  10. irishrail201

    Help! Which scale to model

    Yes the composite brake 13T was a regular on the line, my grandfather travelled on it as a schoolboy! There is a Chivers whitemetal kits available of number 6T which coincidentally hauled the last train from Castlegregory in April 1939. http://www.slimrails.co.uk/indexlocospage.html The terminus as seen from the home signal Last train seen above
  11. irishrail201

    Help! Which scale to model

    David thanks..I must say the CVR stock you have is stunning! I would like to do a T&D version but my skills are non existant at the moment. I'll find space for 7mm NG and will update you all. Points noted on chassis and you are probably right!
  12. irishrail201

    Help! Which scale to model

    Cheers JB, I guess its ok for me as I have yet to make a physical start!
  13. irishrail201

    Help! Which scale to model

    Hi All, Just a quick question, I have recently become owner of a 1:43 scale model of Castlegregory station building, which would seem to suggest I should do a 7mm narrow gauge model of Castlegregory.... However....I have one fully built T&D 2-6-2T in 009, two 2-6-0T bodies assembled, and one "in the works" although neither have chassis at the minute. There is a Chivers 7mm version of the T&D 2-6-0T, there are etches available for carriages etc but I'm terrified of brass Finally I've a reasonable collection of 00 stuff like an 071 (077), 201 (220), 141 (143/177), 181 (187) about 4 cravens, and the same MK2Ds...plus a host of Hornby/Bachmann mostly LMS locos. That I will probably dispose of over time. Question is which do I do?! I would like to go ahead with a narrow gauge model of Castlegregory but which scale? Any help would be great
  14. irishrail201

    Military event at Stradbally.

    Glad you approve I donated them to the Stradbally Woodland Railway.......Really makes the place look well
  15. irishrail201

    Railwayiana Auction, Birr, May 10th, 2017.

    Yes it was! it was €520.......probably undervalue though given its rarity! Funnily a second Kerry (staff) Glenbeigh to Killorglin sold for €500. Also accidentally got the CBPR axle box!

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