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  1. Heritage Auctions

    Superb pieces there, thanks for sharing! Here's some coming up on the 18th from a different auction place. Some GNRI nameplates. https://www.gwra.co.uk/nextauction.html
  2. Galgorm Hall

    How have I not seen this earlier, the signal cabin looks absolutely amazing, you should be really proud!
  3. Bread Containers

    Great to see some photos, looking well.
  4. Georges Workbench

    80 class is looking well, very nice!
  5. Hello all, Now that I'm commuting to Coleraine nearly everyday, you very easily spot movements on the network, such as the Sandite, new PW thing movin about and even some new wagons, which is what this thread is about. On Tuesday I noticed a flat bed bogie wagon off the traverser at York Road. It is nearly identical to those stored in Ballymena but they look brand new, with glossy black paint and the springs/axle boxes picked out in blue and yellow. What I want to know is what are they used for? Whilst passing Antrim today, there were 4 yellow boxes on top filled with ballast. The capacity looked very low compared to the ballast wagons currently at Blfast Central. I remember reading on this forum that the construction of them isn't as good as others, so it makes me wonder why new ones are being obtained, that is if they are new of course. I'd be interested to read if anyone has any knowledge or understanding about these wagons. Nelson
  6. The work that they have done is amazing, it looks brilliant. http://www.simonbrien.com/new-homes/cultra-station-bt18-0au-763
  7. Making your own iPhone

    Hello all, This may be a bit random but I found it extremely interesting and thought I would share it with you all. I know very little about electronics however I found the process to be incredible. The video also gave me some astonisghing insight into how easy it is to make your own phone if you know where to look. Nelson
  8. Hornby 2P's

    Hello All, I have advertised one of the locos before but it never actually sold so I'm going to offer it for sale again, also above this I have another 2P for sale. Both in good condition and run just fine, if you want any more photos, close ups, or a video then please do not hesitate to ask. Both locos are DC. I am looking for £40 each ono. Postage will be £4 and you can pay either with cheque or through PayPal. Thanks, Nelson
  9. Books about early NIR

    Hello all, I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend any books which specially cover the early NIR years, just after the UTA or a book with a bit of both? The reason I ask is because I obtained the DVD "Steam in Northern Ireland, the final years", its very good and has lots of interesting scenes, so I just want to expand upon it. Thanks, Nelson
  10. Hattons new O gauge range

    This is an absolutely amazing announcement, I need to get multiple jobs now http://www.ehattons.com/NewsDetail.aspx?id=102
  11. Hornby 2P locomotive R2183A

    Hello all, Here I have for sale one of my (un modified)Hornby 2P engine No 40610 in BR lettered and lined black livery. The detail is all present and not missing, paint application is perfect and not marked. This is the tender motorised version which runs superbly at fast and low speeds backwards and forwards while using a gaugemaster controller. The engine also has it's original and correct box complete with service sheet. If anyone is interested please comment below or send me a PM, I am looking £45 post free (UK and Ireland) for this. Payment by cheque only please in GBP. I've included some pictures below, however if you want more pictures of the engine, or a video of the engine running then please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks Nelson
  12. London toy fair (hornby)

    A thread over in RMweb showing what hornby had to offer at the London toy fair, some "interesting" (Q6 kit) things for sure. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/107536-hornby-at-london-toy-fair/
  13. Star Wars episode 7

    anyone seen this yet? I have and it's absolutely awesome! Highly recommend it 10/10.
  14. GER J15 with Irish emblem

    Hello everyone, Just came across this on RMweb http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/97926-ger-j15-with-an-irish-railways-emblem/#entry1843865 and it sounds rather interesting and a brilliant conversion for someone I'm sure, although does anyone have any more info regarding this subject? Nelson
  15. GNRI Transfers

    Hello everyone, I need some GNR transfers for my engine, mainly the letters "GNR" and the number "10". I've checked with studio scale models and they don't have what I need and I'm unsure about the new railtec transfers, so if anyone knows any other company that sells GNR transfers be sure to let me know, or if anyone has any experience with the railtec ones, I'll be interested in hearing from your experiences of them, Thanks Nelson Ps: I'm going to check all the mainland GNR transfers and see if anything suits but I highly doubt it.

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