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  1. Dhu Varren

    eBay Watch

    Ignominious end for a Jeep. Picture for sale on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RailPic-Ulster-Railways-2-6-4T-being-hauled-away-by-road-for-scrap/372566557893?
  2. Dhu Varren

    Modelling realistic Irish scenery

    Some fifteen years ago while building a new club layout which was to be an accurate representation of a local junction station in the heart of Scottish Malt Whisky Country, namely Craigellachie, we found that there was no ready made backscene suitable for the location. It was impossible to get any photographs of the real thing, as the old station lay deep in Glenfiddich, which has steep wooded slopes on both sides, and the camera could not get far enough away to take any worthwhile shots. A compromise had to be made, and it was found that a few miles up the line in the Glen of Rothes, the landscape opened out enough to get a series of pictures across the Glen. Ideally, there should have been more wooded coverage, but it was the only vaguely suitable location that could be found in the time available. If I was going to do it again, I would pick a day when the light was better, and not on a dreich day in the middle of January. Pictures were duly taken and edited. They were then spliced together as can be seen in the following picture. After much adjustment to ensure the pictures matched up in colour and brightness, the finished picture was printed off on A3 sheets. The picture was also printed off in reverse, so that the backscene could be extended without it being too obvious. The pictures that contained the bungalow and distillery were only used once. There are six pictures spliced together, the join in the middle can hardly be seen, even at this stage. Incidently, the distillery is right next to the old trackbed, which then curved deep in the valley in front of the camera, and went off scene between the green field and the woods to the left in the picture.
  3. Dhu Varren

    MK2 Wheel Sets

    You could try these wheels. I have used them on MM Cravens coaches. https://www.petersspares.com/hornby-h51-replacement-wheel-set-for-lima-ooho-coach-stock-x9695.ir
  4. Dhu Varren

    Lima/Bachmann Irish Rail Class 201

    The Lima 201 bogies are 48mm wheelbase compared with the MM 201, which are 49mm. The centre axlebox on the Lima is off centre towards the front as it should be, but the motor unit centre axle is central, and does not line up exactly with the axlebox, but it is not too noticable. However, on the assumption that the MM bogie is the correct length, the 1mm discrepancy between the two makes is not worth worrying about. A wheel swop on the Lima 201 is perfectly feasible. I once had a large fleet of Lima BR locos, all of which had had their 'Pizza Cutter' wheels replaced with Romford wheels. Extra pickups were fitted to all wheels, and extra weight added to compensate for lack of traction tyres. With one or two exceptions, all my Lima BR locos have since been rechassised with either Bachmann or ViTrains chassis
  5. Dhu Varren

    Heritage Irish Stock

    I too have the UFTM list of drawings, obtained many years ago. Since then I have obtained many of the drawings by contacting Mark Kennedy at the UFTM, and he kindly supplied the drawings required for a small remuneration per drawing. I also managed to arrange a visit to the UFTM archives, where I was able to search through the drawings collection, and obtain copies of drawings that were not on the list.
  6. Dhu Varren

    Video Website Updates

    The last vehicle in the train is a Brake Generator coach.
  7. Dhu Varren

    Silver Fox A Class body kit

    It's not an A Class. Its a Maybach engined C Class.
  8. Dhu Varren

    GNRi Brake Van

    When drilling holes for handrails, I always mark the exact location for the hole with a sharp point, like a needle, or the point of a compass. When 100% satisfied with the position of the hole, then make a indentation with the sharp point. This then acts as a pilot hole for the fine drill required for drilling the hole, and ensures it drills in the exact spot..
  9. Dhu Varren

    Grounded Bodies

    I have not seen this van in the flesh, just close up pics taken off the Google image. However, the end framing is more akin to the NCC than the GNR. The images below show the differences quite clearly. The first image is a snip from the Google image, and clearly shows that the two centre vertical frames continue past the horizontal frame at the top. The centre picture shows an NCC van end, which has the same frame arrangement on the end. The third picture is of a standard GNR van end, which clearly shows the difference between NCC and GNR van end framing.
  10. Dhu Varren

    Grounded Bodies

    Close up inspection of the external framing would suggest that it could be an NCC van, rather than a GNR van.
  11. Dhu Varren

    Dutch gen van

    The train is comprised of Mk 2a & b coaches which, being ex BR, have a different electrical system to the Mk2d coaches of IE. Three Dutch Vans were converted from steam heat to electrical generators to run with the Mk 2a & b coaches. Presumably two Dutch Vans were required in the formation in the clip, due to the number of coaches.
  12. Dhu Varren

    Operating Dapol Semaphore Signals

    I have never used the Dapol semaphore signals, but from what I have read, all that is required is a momentary power connection , or pulse, to operate the signal. The simplest way for operation is a push button. The first press of the button moves the signal one way, the next press moves it the other way, and so on. The Peco point switch provides two such pulses, one for each position of the lever. Unfortunately, as it stands, this is no use whatsoever for the Dapol signals. However, today I dissected a Peco point switch, to see how it operated, and discovered that if the two outer terminals are connected together and then to one wire from the signal, and the middle terminal is connected to the other wire, the Peco switch will provide one pulse to the signal each time the lever is moved. By an ingenious lever mechanism, the pulse only happens towards the end of the lever movement, so it is very unlikely that the signal will get out of sequence with the lever, as the lever has to be moved fully before the pulse is created..
  13. Dhu Varren

    Track Cutting Razor Saw

    It is sometimes better to have a slightly wider gap than that left by a razor saw, particularly where the gap is used for isolation purposes. In hot weather the track can expand sufficiently for the gap to close and cause a short circuit, or continuity where it is not required. Last week's hot weather did exactly that on an automated layout in a museum I am involved with. A train on a certain track kept overshooting it's stopping point, and a second train would ram into the side of it, causing a derailment. Investigation into the control equipment did not reveal any fault, and it was purely by accident that the closed up rail joint was found. Once the joint was opened up again, all trains ran normally.
  14. Dhu Varren

    UTA "Brown Van" from Provincial Wagons

    Whilst admiring Nelson’s excellent work on the brown van, I happened to notice that on one side the doors opened to the left, while on the other side the doors opened to the right. Having assumed for many years that all the doors opened to the left, and never having seen anything to the contrary, I decided to do some research. I looked at dozens of pictures of brown vans, and in none of them did any doors open to the right, which I thought was a bit strange. Surely all the pictures cannot be of the same side of so many different vans. There was, however, one exception to this, and that was the recently restored brown van at Whitehead, which has doors opening to the right, at least on one side. I then checked a drawing which I have, and lo, the drawing shows doors opening to the left on one side, and doors opening to the right on the other. Now we all know how inaccurate drawings can be, so could it be that in this case, since I have not found any pictures showing doors opening to the right, that the drawing is incorrect, and the restorers have restored the brown van at Whitehead as per the drawing, and Leslie’s brown van kit is based on the restored van. I am sure, and hopeful, that someone will come up with an answer to this.
  15. Dhu Varren

    Little models for little money

    Judging by the contents of the sets, these would date from the early 1960s.

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