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  1. This will be your train then JHB. Ballykelly airfield closed completely in 2009. All runways are marked accordingly.
  2. A case of mistaken identity? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/4857962.stm
  3. There must have been a reason for giving the aircraft priority, as Air Traffic Control work in conjunction with NIR to ensure there are no trains due before giving permission to land. Ballykelly RAF airfield, just a few miles east of City of Derry Airport was in the same situation before it closed. The runway was lengthened during WW2, across the railway, and the railway thereafter crossed the runway on a level crossing controlled by semaphore signals on very short posts, which can still be seen today, albeit without the signal arms. Trains there had priority except in an emergency. I believe it was the only place in the world where a railway crossed an active runway. Ballykelly. Old somersault signal post on left of picture. Ballykelly. Runway crossing as it is today. City of Derry Airport runway threshold. The railway does not actually cross the airfield, it is outside the unfenced boundary, but the track is roughly paved in case an aircraft lands short of the runway.
  4. Waterside station Derry

    Found this picture on the internet. Also found some more at https://www.geograph.org.uk/snippet/9157
  5. Omagh GNRi station

    You could always compromise and have the best of both worlds by having a fiddle yard to fiddle yard layout, with a hidden connection to form a complete circuit. Great for testing, or running in locomotives, or just plain watching the trains go by.
  6. Point Controls

    Not necessarily. The wire in tube could be routed up through the lower baseboard. It all depends on the space available.
  7. Point Controls

    Not at all. Probably the best way would be to use a bell crank at the point.
  8. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    I have used TrackShack myself on a number of occasions and have found their prices, and P&P to be very reasonable.
  9. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    If you are determined to use Code 75, in order to avoid the delivery charges, you could always find someone who is going to Modelrail Glasgow at the end of this month, and ask them to pick up a pack of track. I know there are a lot of guys from NI who travel over for the show, either as individuals or as part of an organised trip by coach.
  10. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Tony, with the limited space you have available, if you are going to go for 00, it might be better to go with Peco Code 100 rather than Code 75. There is a greater selection of pointwork available in Code 100, plus their Setrack range is fully compatible, and matches perfectly. This gives the option of very tight curves where necessary. If Peco Code 75 is a must, then when necessary, points can be built to match using the Peco Individulay components range which will match exactly. Below is a picture of a scissors crossover built to suit a specific location using a mixture of Peco Code 75 points, and Individulay components.
  11. NIR gen vans

    Robert, in view of the lack of information so far, here is a picture from which you should be able to work out the size of the roof detail for the exhaust area. The picture is of the 'Gatwick' Generator van 8911, but since it was itself a conversion from an existing earlier Brake Standard Generator van number 911, apart from the shape of the silencer, it is probably the same, except that 911 had two round silencers. The ventilators have not been altered at all from the original.
  12. UK Model Railway Exhibitions

    John, a friend of mine had a similar problem a couple of years ago. I spoke to the Glasgow exhibition manager, Ian Porteous, on his behalf, and was given an email address for direct contact. The layout, 'Bleach Green', subsequently appeared at Glasgow the following year. If you have not already tried it, the address is ExhibitionManager@modelrail-scotland.co.uk
  13. Omagh GNRi station

    Tony, I had a feeling it might have been this bridge you were referring to. I also remember it well. As children in the early 1960s we regularly used to 'walk the line' from the Market Branch junction to out beyond this bridge, and back.
  14. Omagh GNRi station

    If my memory serves me correctly, the bridge over the Drumragh River was a single span plate girder bridge.
  15. NCC Harland & Wolff kit

    There does not seem to have been as many H&W locos built, as might be expected, just eight. See link below. http://www.theyard.info/engineering/trains/trains.asp

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