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  1. Peco points

    Are these electrofrog or insulfrog points and are they correctly wired? Older rolling stock may have wider wheels which can cause problems also.
  2. The Ruabon to Barmouth line in North Wales is becoming well covered by model railways based on the many stations on this route. I have completed models of Llangollen (http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/3054-Llangollen-in-N/page3) and Cynwyd (http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/5580-Cynwyd-in-N-based-on-closed-station-goods-yard-on-the-Llangollen-line-BR-GWR-etc/page5) stations both in N-gauge. Other modellers have covered Carrog (N and OO gauge), Berwyn, Bala Junction and many other locations. Having visited Llanuwchllyn station a number of times (most recently during the Bala Model Railway Exhibition in May 2017) and admired the photographs in Martin William's fine book on this railway line, I am minded to have a go at modelling the station/goods yards in N-gauge. I propose to do this as another end-to-end layout 4.5 feet by 1 foot similar to Cynwyd. In British Railway days Llanuwchllyn was a passing station with two platforms and an interesting diamond crossing leading to a small goods yard. An electronic shuttle control unit with train crossing function is planned to automate the layout for exhibition purposes. While the station has now been restored with a narrow gauge line running beside the lake towards Bala town, I propose to model the prototype as it was in BR days before closure. Thanks to Martin Williams and Peter Fisher have kindly made these historic photographs available to me which I attach below to illustrate the prototype: A BR Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0 arrives at Llanuwchllyn station in the early 1960s: Lydham Manor and Hinton Manor bring a Ffestiniog Railway Special past the diamond crossing/goods yard in 1963: A sadly overgrown station in August 1966 some years after closure: Llanuwchllyn station in fine shape in 1963 prior to closure: A postcard view of the station c 1920: Station staff and families proudly pose for the camera c 1895. Note the wooden toy locomotive at the boy's feet right of centre:
  3. Good progress on Llanuwchllyn with all wiring completed, tested and working fine in both manual and automatic modes. The track is also finalised and ready for completion of sleeper gaps and ballasting. Initial work has commenced on buildings some of which will need to be scratch-built. Then its a case of painting/weathering the buildings and developing surrounding scenery to the standard achieved with Cynwyd. A couple of shots of the track first: Next some of the buildings placed before painting: Finally, a couple of views of the electrical control panels - note the use of side-action motors at the back which allow manual operation if desired (the push button control panel controls the points as pairs to make the appropriate road for the trains).
  4. Baseboards

    Tony, for what it is worth my thought processes in developing my model railways run along the lines of: can I store it where I can see it; can I access it to run it at home; can I dismantle it easily; can I transport it safely in my car and exhibit it multiple times...
  5. Noel, I missed this posting first time around so forgive my not responding previously with my thanks for your appreciation. Gerry
  6. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Thanks for that - it is almost 10 years since I laid that backdrop down! I first pasted on Peco Cloudy Sky paper as a backdrop. Then I cut out the scenic section of an Auhagen Wooded hillsides background mural No 42 511. This was pasted on top of the sky paper which gives an effect of relief. This also has the pleasing effect of the clouds seeming to drift from behind the wooded hills. Gerry
  7. GoPro Fun - Ride on a model train

    Noel, might be nice to run this around Ballybeg and capture a video of the views from the cab - sometime perhaps when you are down this way with David perhaps?
  8. GoPro Fun - Ride on a model train

    Noel, It would be great to set this up at an exhibition with a monitor for the public to view the unfolding scene from the cab - consider that an invitation to the Wexford Easter Exhibition 2018!
  9. GoPro Fun - Ride on a model train

    Looks great through the cab windows!
  10. Kilkenny Model Toy Show

    This show is new to me but I am attending on Sunday 5th November 2017 with my Shunters Yard layout. It is on from 11am to 6pm at the Hub, Cillin Hill, Kilkenny (Call Ciarán 087 794 7352). Vincent O'Leary also from Wexford Model Railway Club will be attending with his Slaney Valley.
  11. Kilkenny Model Toy Show

    A couple of views from the Kilkenny Show. Huge crowds passed through and the model railways got a good reception. Kilkenny 1.JPG 757 kb · Done Kilkenny 2017.JPG 727 kb · Done × Pasted as rich text. Paste as plain text instead Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Accepted file types gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png Insert other media Uploaded Images Kilkenny 1.JPG 757 kb · Done Kilkenny 2017.JPG 727 kb · Done Kilkenny and Shunters Yard.JPG 773 kb · Done
  12. Kilkenny Model Toy Show

    Hi Enda, nice to meet you at this show. We were mainly on model railway "missionary" work there among the farm/military modellers!
  13. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Actually that's Eamonn's own diorama and very good it looks too.
  14. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    'pun my word.
  15. enniscorthymans workbench

    Looks good Eamonn
  16. Thanks very much Noel. I really enjoy sharing my work and happy to offer any help to others who want to have a go. Gerry
  17. Having completed and exhibited Ballybeg (OO Irish circuit track), Llangollen (N GWR/BR circuit track) and Shunters Yard (OO GWR Compact Layout), I decided to look out for a prototype for an end-to-end (fiddle yard-to-fiddle yard) layout allowing me to use the N gauge rolling stock on Llangollen. I have identified a single line station and simple goods yard at Cynwyd just over two miles west of Corwen (the latest section to be restored from Llangollen) which fits the bill! Cynwyd closed in late 1964 as part of the infamous cuts by Dr Beeching so it lasted well into early BR days. The goods yard as you will see from the photographs consisted of a run-around loop off the single line with two head-shunts running away from the cover of the goods shed. One head-shunt ran behind the station platform past a cattle dock. A weighing machine house was provided in the goods yard. I have selected Ratio kits which most closely resemble the prototype buildings for the model. A new book on the Ruabon to Barmouth ("Llangollen") line has been published by Martin Williams who has kindly allowed me to reproduce some of the pre-closure photos in his book. I present some of these for info below and I will post up updates on layout progress from time to time (I have already started on building kits and on the wood work). An early 1960s view of Cynwyd from the road bridge (John Roberts, Llanuwchllynn) Cynwyd station platform (Peter Fisher) Cynwyd station c1910 (Neil Parkhouse Collection) Cynwyd c1962 (Peter Fisher) Cynwyd c1912 (Mrs Gwyneth Williams Collection) Cynwyd station entrance c1912 (Martin Williams Collection)
  18. Thrilled that Cynwyd won an Award at the South Dublin show this weekend: Best Layout -Scenery. Many thanks lads and well done on a great show!
  19. As part of the Wexford Festival Opera Fringe, Wexford Model Railway Club are hosting an Open Day at their club-rooms at St Joseph's Community Centre, Newline Road, Wexford on Monday 31st October from Noon to 5pm. The event is free but donations will be accepted! Model railway items and light refreshments (including yummy home-made cakes) will be on sale in aid of the club building fund. Layouts on display will be Bushville (HO USA outline), Rathmichael (OO Irish), Llangollen (N gauge UK), Thomas (OO) and Sandown Valley (O/16.5 UK). Additionally, we will have trains running on the extensive test tracks in N, OO and O gauge. We get a great turnout from our loyal Wexford public to this event. Any IRM.comers who have not maxed out at the South Dublin Show might like to make the (less than) 2 hour car journey down and all would be most welcome.
  20. IRM Cement Bubble Wagons

    The detail is amazing alright. Good to talk yesterday Noel, sorry I had to juggle between all the people who wanted to chat. I will be back at the SDMR show tomorrow. See you soon.
  21. IRM Cement Bubble Wagons

    or a mirrored base...
  22. Arigna Town - this week's scenery

    This is the combo that I have on order so watch this space...
  23. South Dublin MRC Exhibition Oct 28th - 30th Blackrock College

    Guys, probably better to upload photies to the website as photobucket has wrecked many a past posting!
  24. Haywood Permanent Way

    Hi, none of these jpgs are showing? Ooops they just appeared...
  25. The Garrison Model Show 3

    The Garrison Model Show 3 is scheduled for 27th August 2017 12 to 5 pm at Camden Fort Meagher, Crosshaven, Cork Harbour (see http://www.camdenfortmeagher.ie/event/garrison-model-show-3/). Wexford Model Railway Club plan to attend with Rathmichael (OO Irish outline), Llangollen (N-gauge UK outline), Slaney Valley (OO anything goes) and Bramwich (N-gauge layout for sale). Enniscorthyman plans to attend also with his new OO Irish outline layout.

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