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    Diesel Depot

    My 6th layout is designed to be a compact/shelfie exhibition standard layout to show off mainly Irish locomotives of a variety of liveries. It will be sufficiently versatile to allow diesels locomotives of CIE, Supertrain, IR, IE or even UK/BR liveries to be shown. The size will be my usual 4.5 feet by 9 inch dimensions with a 2 foot fiddle-yard at one end which easily and accurately attaches/detaches with snap toggles. It will be controlled by DCC with sound in most locos. It will fit neatly into the boot of my car for easy transportation to exhibitions. I intend to allow for shunting of oil wagons. I have already built the base-boards using techniques trialled by Wexford Model Railway Club for their innovative new O gauge layout.This involves accurately cut 6 mm X 100 mm high-quality birch ply-wood sections (available from www.woodworkers.ie). The appropriate lengths of ply are hot-glued to the base-board and 15 mm sections used for face pieces. Metal connecting dowels are hammered into these pieces to align the fiddle-yard. Lengths of fibre-glass webbing are glued in place with PVA at each interface of the ply-wood elements beneath the board. Sections of wood are also glued/screwed in place to support the back-scene and side-boards. A couple of pictures: the ba
  2. Irishrailwayman

    Diesel Depot

    A couple of shots showing progress with baseboards including painting and backscene. Note the cut-outs for inspection pits for inside the engine shed and point control. Cut-outs also needed for Kadee magnets to be hidden below the ballast...
  3. Irishrailwayman

    barrow street

    Outstanding scratch building work 😮
  4. Over decades the towns on the line between Wexford and Waterford should have been developed as it provided a perfect commute in either direction particularly when the road between both towns was very poor. An iconic and special bridge - hopefully any greenway will use it and see it properly preserved?
  5. Irishrailwayman

    Weedspraying Train - South wexford Line

    I suppose the line is being made ready for conversion to another Greenway?
  6. The Ruabon to Barmouth line in North Wales is becoming well covered by model railways based on the many stations on this route. I have completed models of Llangollen (http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/3054-Llangollen-in-N/page3) and Cynwyd (http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/5580-Cynwyd-in-N-based-on-closed-station-goods-yard-on-the-Llangollen-line-BR-GWR-etc/page5) stations both in N-gauge. Other modellers have covered Carrog (N and OO gauge), Berwyn, Bala Junction and many other locations. Having visited Llanuwchllyn station a number of times (most recently during the Bala Model Railway Exhibition in May 2017) and admired the photographs in Martin William's fine book on this railway line, I am minded to have a go at modelling the station/goods yards in N-gauge. I propose to do this as another end-to-end layout 4.5 feet by 1 foot similar to Cynwyd. In British Railway days Llanuwchllyn was a passing station with two platforms and an interesting diamond crossing leading to a small goods yard. An electronic shuttle control unit with train crossing function is planned to automate the layout for exhibition purposes. While the station has now been restored with a narrow gauge line running beside the lake towards Bala town, I propose to model the prototype as it was in BR days before closure. Thanks to Martin Williams and Peter Fisher have kindly made these historic photographs available to me which I attach below to illustrate the prototype: A BR Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0 arrives at Llanuwchllyn station in the early 1960s: Lydham Manor and Hinton Manor bring a Ffestiniog Railway Special past the diamond crossing/goods yard in 1963: A sadly overgrown station in August 1966 some years after closure: Llanuwchllyn station in fine shape in 1963 prior to closure: A postcard view of the station c 1920: Station staff and families proudly pose for the camera c 1895. Note the wooden toy locomotive at the boy's feet right of centre:
  7. Llanuwchllyn makes its Exhibition debut at Bala Model Railway Show, North Wales.
  8. Irishrailwayman

    Metcalfe Card Sheets

    Just be aware also that card structures should not be exposed to prolonged sunlight as they can fade over time. I keep the blinds down when the sun is shining into my model railway room. Many of my buildings on Ballybeg are of card construction and still look good after 10 years!
  9. Irishrailwayman

    Metcalfe Card Sheets

    Metcalfe building cards are fine (I used them in 2mm for my Llangollen layout) but if you want relief then the Wills sheets look good in 4mm (I have used them on my 2mm Llanuwchllyn layout). Wills are thick plastic sheets which are more difficult to cut then Metcalfe which can be cut with a scissors.
  10. Irishrailwayman

    8100 Class DART Gauge N

    Nice job Eoin.
  11. Irishrailwayman

    4 ages - RTR diesel loco evolution

    The MM 141/181s were also DCC-ready and had a space for a speaker. What about the Lima 201s - they were a breakthrough as the first RTR Irish loco before MM?
  12. GNRi1959: Llanuwchllyn in N is booked to appear at the Ulster MRC Exhibition in Belfast on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August 2018.
  13. Currently getting Llanuwchllyn in N ready for its Exhibition Debut at Bala Model Railway Exhibition in North Wales at end of May:
  14. Irishrailwayman

    Irish wagons V English wagons price wise.

    Shear volume of production? (the UK-outline market is several times greater than that for Irish-outline I would imagine) 😊
  15. Irishrailwayman


    Any plans to show all your hard work at Exhibitions?
  16. Irishrailwayman

    Kingsbridge - Kadee + coupling conversions

    I think the main thing is to avoid "daylight" between each coach to give the impression of a train rather than a string of coaches...
  17. Irishrailwayman

    barrow street

    Why not aim to bring it down to the Wexford Easter Exhibition 2019 and show it as a work-in-progress?
  18. Recently I have developed a 2 foot "tuning fork" fiddle-yard for this layout to better enable shunting and to bring passenger rail-cars and auto-coach on and off scene. The top of the fiddle-yard may be removed for operations from the front or replaced for exhibition operation from behind the layout:
  19. I had started this thread some time ago but the photies got messed up. Hopefully this time they will stick. Basically, following my efforts on exhibition layouts Ballybeg (OO gauge fictional Irish http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/109-Ballybeg ) and Llangollen (N gauge UK GWR/BR outline based on prototype http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/3054-Llangollen-in-N), I decided to have a go at a Compact/Micro/Book-shelf top/Minimum-space layout. The dimensions decided on are 4 foot by 1 foot enabling the layout to be easily transported/set up for exhibition purposes and stored at home on a shelf over Ballybeg. I had purchased a Bachmann 64XX 0-6-0 tank loco as I had done the driver experience on this at Llangollen. I also had a 3-way point left over from previous projects and wanted to press this in to good use. A shunting layout has developed from this using Kadee couplers and under track magnets to enable remote shunting to be done. I used Ratio plastic kits for a change (I previously worked extensively with card kits from Alphagraphix or Metcalfe). I decided on GWR livery but the track plan could be used for a layout of any livery including Irish. Operation is by DCC with sound chip (courtesy of Mr Soundguy)located below the baseboard (given the small size of the loco) synchronised with a 6-pin chip on the loco itself. First up, the baseboards. Note the openings at either end allowing rolling stock to be fed into the layout hidden by buildings at either end. The scenic area is 9 inches with the 3 inches behind the backscene left for holding the DCC Controller, operating points by push-rod, power for building/gas lamps, a DCC Programming track, rolling road and Kadee tester...
  20. Advance notice that the 10th annual Model Railway Easter Exhibition is being held at St Joseph's Community Centre in Wexford on Easter Sunday 1st April and Bank Holiday Monday 2nd April 2018. Already 25 layouts have been booked - many new to show - as well as 11 traders and counting. The exhibition will run from noon to 6 pm on the Sunday and 11 am to 5 pm on the Monday. Looking forward to meeting you all there! More details closer to the event...
  21. Irishrailwayman

    Wexford Model Railway Club Exhibition Easter 2018

    For anyone who missed the Exhibition, a few photos and a big thanks to the exhibitors, traders, WMRC volunteers and all our 637 visitors for making this the most successful exhibition here to date!
  22. Irishrailwayman

    Wexford Model Railway Club Exhibition Easter 2018

    And the winners are: John Izzard Best O Gauge Layout Award: Brendan Butler and John O'Toole Garrison Model Club: Best N Gauge (Stephen McNally Memorial) Award South Dublin Model Railway Club took two prizes away Best OO Gauge Layout and Best Layout Scenery Awards! and, as noted above, Fran Burke with the amazing new Tara Wagons won the Best Model Award:
  23. Irishrailwayman


    'pun my word, we are treading on egg-shells here.
  24. Irishrailwayman


    What kind of yolk will they come up with? Will we have to shell out a lot to pay for them?
  25. Irishrailwayman

    First Look at the IRM Tara!

    Looking forward to seeing these in the flesh at the Wexford Model Railway Exhibition!

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