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  1. Wanted Mk2 coaches/NCC

    Hi MadBenNI, There are really only two options, pick up a set from Chris Dyer at the Stillorgan Hotel sales or buy a set of Airfix Mk2's and do a respray. Neither are ideal or match the prototype but are a good approximation. Hope this helps, NewtonCork
  2. Abandoned Eurostar

    It was also interesting that mk3 generator vans were developed for the Nightstar (think they were from mk3 sleeper coaches). They also saw little or no use. Even though they looked completely different externally to Irish mk3 gen vans , I wonder if they were similar mechanically?
  3. NIR gen vans

    Hi Robert, I would be interested. I know that John Hazleton at Silverfox was thinking of doing a model of 8911. Might be worth dropping him a line to see if he has made any progress. I know that he didn't get around to it in 2017 , but if there is more interest, maybe he will do a run. Newtoncork

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