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  1. Never been able to fill in all the blanks but here’s my best shot: Taras: 2- 071s from Mon to Fri Timber: 2 -071s from Mon to Sat IWT: 3 -071s or 201s from Mon to Sat Limerick Pilot: 1 -071 all week, wagon transfers on a Thursday Waterford Pilot: 1- 071 all week, wagon transfers on a weds/thurs? Belmond: 1- 201 Tues-Fri, 1- 071 Fri-Mon Enterprise: 3-201s all week Cork: 8-201s all week, when all 8 sets of MK IVs are in use.. Cork line Thunderbird/ stand by: 1-201 Belfast line thunderbird/ stand by: 1-201 DFDS would have been 1-071 from Mon to Weds
  2. MOGUL

    Freight Times 2018

    IWT normally runs both ways on Saturday, ex NW at 9:35 as per Railers post and ex Ballina at 08:15, arriving into Dublin around 13:00.. At the moment there’s trials taking place so the down trains as deferred to Sunday at 11:30 for the next two weeks Also, new rail trains occasionally run Waterford to Portlaoise on a Saturday
  3. MOGUL

    Photographic Website Updates

    Hi Neil, just noticed in one of your pics from last Monday you mentioned an ICR being used as a shunting set.. is this a permanent duty as I thought portlaoise has a small shunter on site?
  4. MOGUL

    Modern Day Rail on Derry Road

    Not too sure about the no freight since 1965 JHB.. The Derry timber could have been a success if it ran Derry to Dundalk via the Derry Road.. so you could have 1/2 trains a week of timber flats hauled by a 111 to Dundalk
  5. MOGUL

    Behind the scenes at IRM

    Best of luck guys.. does this mean the ammonias are a shoe in for the next project(6??)since very similar wagons ran in the U.K. for ICI?
  6. MOGUL

    Kingsbridge - paint shop

    They look great Noel.. not to be pedantic but any pics I've seen of a rake of bubbles has them ladder end to ladder end rather than all facing the same direction.. I'm guessing it was done to make connecting the discharge pipework easier.. any know?
  7. MOGUL

    IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Hope to be there in person to deliver to IRM tomorrow.. on this one I have a personal interest in having an on time delivery
  8. Was there myself Kieran, Peter smyth had an idea for using the 8200s as unpowered units with the 2700s, which even he thought was a bit pie in the sky.. must have grown wings since then with the 201s being swapped for the 2700s.. on another note, will we see a few more 201s back in the new year.. gone very scarce on PWD and freight work with 071s doing nearly all at the moment..
  9. MOGUL

    CIE Sundries Container on a 20ft Flat Wagon

    20fts in 9ft 6 are very rare so most likely 8ft 6in.. the 10fts could be8ft which was a very common size pre-1980s
  10. MOGUL

    CIE Sundries Container on a 20ft Flat Wagon

    Hi Leslie, Would you be interested in selling the container as a separate item, would be very handy for anyone modelleding the weedspray train which still uses one!
  11. MOGUL

    Wanted, Dapol 20ft container

    Thanks Noel, am familiar with C-rail and have more than a few of their products but unfortunately this isn't one they have
  12. Would anyone have a dapol 20ft container like the EWL livery in the link below that they would be willing to sell or swap for a similar container http://www.hattons.co.uk/26246/Dapol_B776a_Jan_2009_v2_Container_for_Spine_Wagon_Twin_pack_of_20_containers_1_x_Hanjin_dark_blue_1_x_E/StockDetail.aspx
  13. "Road tends to be more cost efficient faster and flexible for less than train load lots. The road transport system has the advantage of being a user pays system where the Government and Insurance companies can adjust fuel, vehicle and road user excise taxes and insurance fees to recover the full internal and external costs of road transport. " Rail and road are very similar in cost for containers, with rail having major benefits such as the ability to pick n drop and not struggling with the availability of trained drivers to the same degree as road.. I doubt that the Irish government recovers full costs of the road network, especially not after taking into account the huge capital expenditures of the past fifteen years.. They are subsidising some toll roads as it is.. "Another big pro in favour of road transport in Ireland is that you can load a truck with butter or cheese at a Co-Op in Cork or Kerry and deliver direct to a supermarket in the UK or main land Europe." This is not an issue with the use of reefer containers, some of the kerrygold going to Europe travels by sea by this method only delivery would be to a distribution centre rather than an individual supermarket "Road vehicle technology is also jumping ahead of rail, with larger more fuel efficient vehicles (HPMV) and GPS based fleet management systems improving roads competitive advantage over rail. https://www.nzta.govt.nz/vehicles/vehicle-types/vehicle-classes-and-standards/vehicle-dimensions-and-mass/high-productivity-motor-vehicles/" Nice in mainland Europe but not a whole lot of use in the West of Ireland where the roads struggle to handle existing trucks and the drivers know their routes..
  14. I'd be blue in the face if I responded to all the posts like this one Noel but yes rail is commercially viable for its current uses and probably also a few more flows I can think of

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