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  1. Behind the scenes at IRM

    Best of luck guys.. does this mean the ammonias are a shoe in for the next project(6??)since very similar wagons ran in the U.K. for ICI?
  2. Kingsbridge - paint shop

    They look great Noel.. not to be pedantic but any pics I've seen of a rake of bubbles has them ladder end to ladder end rather than all facing the same direction.. I'm guessing it was done to make connecting the discharge pipework easier.. any know?
  3. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Hope to be there in person to deliver to IRM tomorrow.. on this one I have a personal interest in having an on time delivery
  4. Would anyone have a dapol 20ft container like the EWL livery in the link below that they would be willing to sell or swap for a similar container http://www.hattons.co.uk/26246/Dapol_B776a_Jan_2009_v2_Container_for_Spine_Wagon_Twin_pack_of_20_containers_1_x_Hanjin_dark_blue_1_x_E/StockDetail.aspx
  5. Just say this promoted online.. Any one know what's involved and if provision will be made for the possible reopening of the Foynes line that has been rumoured for a while http://www.irishrail.ie/limerickworks
  6. I have 2 Dapol 45ft containers and 2 20ft Bachmann containers that I want to remove the decals from so that I can spray paint them.. Has anyone done this and if so what worked for people? I have tried white spirits and Nail polish remover but both didn't seem to have any effect on the decals
  7. Was just down at NW and 216 in Belmond blue is coupled to the laden wagons for tomorrow mornings IWT liner.. It was too dark for Photos but perhaps might be of use to some thinking of heading line side tomorrow
  8. Hello to all, Just thought I would share the details of this coming Monday's freight trial in case any camera toting members of the IRM community wanted to head out and catch it! The train will operate from Dublin to Ballina, not Waterford to Limerick as originally planned. The reason for the change was the low height of bridges on the south tipp line making the use of 9ft 6in containers impossible.. As the port of waterford only handles short sea services, the only cobtainers readily available were of the 9ft 6 variety.. The train will load in Dublin port on Monday afternoon to form the 20:40 departure ex North wall. The train will run as 27 wagons as far as Claremorris, where 9 wagons will be detached for the run onwards to Ballina.. Hope that this is of help to some and happy snapping! Mogul
  9. Hello to all, Am selling these to makes some space and cash for new projects First I have an Atlas editions Eddie Stobart Digger, looking for €25 for this.. Comes in the original box with all the packaging.. I have 2 of these if there is enough interest! Second I have a set of Bachmann Oo gauge Eucon containers, also in the original box and in as new condition.. Will take €12 for these Am based in Dublin so can meet up around the city for a sale, or can look into postage if needed
  10. Hello All, First post in some time on the forum! I got a few of the excellent C-Rail containers for my Christmas present, including the 40ft Fyffes Bananas reefer: http://www.c-rail-intermodal.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=25_28&product_id=103 I've done some googling and have found out that these used to come into Belview on a special Banana boat:banana::banana:, but these seem to have ended around 2007/8. Does anyone know if they are still in use and do they still come into Ireland? My current thinking is to use it on a model of a Dublin-Waterford Liner with some CPWs:trains:
  11. Traction magazine

    There's a nice article in this months traction magazine about the history of GM locos outside the US. Irish rails locos feature prominently, worth a look!!
  12. Found this ad, never thought I'd see the day where being close to a rail freight service would even be considered as a selling point by a real estate agent Could this be a sign that attitudes are changing, even if only in certain parts of the country.Dear Sir/Madam, http://www.property.ie/commercial-property/Killala-Business-Park-Killala-Co-Mayo/49473/
  13. Finding myself with a free hour in the fairview area on friday I decided to take a walk down to NW to kill some time. My expectations of any trains being present were low given I was half an hour early for the arrival of the IWT. However my fears were swept away when I got to the bridge on East road. 077 was idling just under the bridge with the laden taras awaiting access to the tramway and just after I arrived 230 arrived with a fully laden IWT from Ballina. What really surprised me was the presence of 219 with a fully laden container train sitting in the sidings near the stone bank. As the hour was horrendously late(13.20) for it to be Ballina bound I was wondering if anyone could elaborate on its presence?? Was friday's IWT held due to the RPSI railtour departing Connolly at its normal departure time or simply delayed due to a failure??
  14. Road to Rail

    Does anybody know roughly how many lorry loads of timber it takes to load a 12 wagon timber train? I am trying to figure out what a good ratio of trucks to wagons would be so I can calculate how many lorry miles Coillte saves a year by using rail.. Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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