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  1. C.I.E. Last Steam Train Driver passes

    My neighbours father Barney McGirr was a very well known and respected engine driver.
  2. North Down Model Show

    PaulC, I suppose there was no reason why we couldn't have met and said hello. I apologise for not making the effort. I spent most of my spare time picking the brains of two modellers, both with attic layouts, one modelling Lisburn. They were able to give me a wealth of advice on soldering and the technique involved. They even took the trouble to bring me to Squires Stand and help chose the best soldering iron (which turned out to be sold out). Don't know who they were but they were very welcoming. Maybe next time......
  3. North Down Model Show

    I saw you were busy and I didn't get to say hello. However, I was more than delighted to buy a handful of photographs of Omagh GNRi station and Fontana Junction from a guy in a station masters outfit. Very reasonable. Also paid Leslie a visit, some beautiful stuff there.
  4. Soldering Track

    Hi John, Thanks for this. Just returned from Bangor show where a few ver well experienced modellers were able to put me wise on this. You're correct and I'm better equipped now!
  5. Soldering Track

    Just had a most frustrating time trying to solder track work to solid brass screw heads at baseboard joints. Had to lift track and replace because there was a mess of solder on the rail and none taking too easily on the screw head! Frustrated........
  6. Soldering Track

    I can always revert back to slipping in a jointing piece of 25-30mm to bridge to joint, I don't see myself on the model show circuit anyway.
  7. Soldering Track

    Andy, thanks for the response. Not wanting to shift almost 40 wood screws would it be worth trying flux on the screw heads?
  8. Soldering Track

    Is brass normally troublesome - is there an easier alternative?
  9. Track Cutting Razor Saw

    Some interesting posts and advice here, thanks all. I found this one on eBay today and thought it good value at £21
  10. Track Cutting Razor Saw

    Can anyone recommend a good quality razor saw for cutting track at baseboard joints?
  11. Track Cutting Razor Saw

    any links to the favoured tool?
  12. Patricks Layout

    Patrick, this all looks very pleasing. Sometimes I just don't take the time to look at other modellers layouts on this forum and say - well done, its nice to see your layout too!
  13. Omagh Goods Yard

    Started drilling holes for point motors under points today, finalising track and fitting brass screws to the baseboard joints for soldering. Slow and precise work but rewarding, I hope. Hope I am doing this right, haven't done it before;.
  14. Omagh Goods Yard

    After many months of doubt and determination, Code 75 track and pointwork was temporarily placed on my baseboards and Omagh Goods Yard took its first breath. This time I used a well thought out plan that was simple and operational, with lots of advice and guidance from many. Five sections, including a fiddle yard were all built from new with no expense spared. Brass pattern makers dowels were used on all sections for good alignment and quality sprung suitcases catches that hold all sections together. Leaving the possibility of exhibition possible, though not essential. None of the track you see is fixed so I am still open to suggestions. The layout is goods only - focusing mainly on the Yard at Omagh and more interesting the movement of loose grain from wagons to the waiting grain lorries of Scotts Excelsior in town. A dropped section will allow for unloading loose grain from chutes on grain wagons to waiting lorries below and in latter years when wagons of bagged grain were unloaded onto Scotts flat bed lorries by hand. This has been verified by both employees of Scotts Mill and ex-GNRi shunters, still alive in Omagh today. A scratchbuild turntable, will turn locomotives at one end of the layout and a small fiddle yard will allow for storage and operation when exhibiting. When the track work is finalised a 3mm cork bed will be glued in place. The replica cast-iron signs were made by a friend, who does this type of thing as a hobby. Don't they look really well!
  15. Omagh Goods Yard

    Thanks Paul. To get to this stage has taken months of debate and hair pulling- worth it. to be honest, much of the change and fine tuning came based on the advice of two members outside of the forum. Didn’t want to bore everyone to tears!
  16. Omagh Goods Yard

    And here we have the results of some change. I moved the turntable onto the extension at the rear of the shed, this same board will house a goods shed. Additional track and paintwork was placed loosely in position for some serious track laying tomorrow.
  17. Omagh Goods Yard

    Yes, I agree totally. However, with the additional baseboard comes the need to extend track work also!
  18. Omagh Goods Yard

    Thanks Jonathan. Just ordered a few more points and believe me I'll be ordering no more. I believe I have enough pointwork and track to keep me busy now.
  19. Omagh Goods Yard

    Jonathan, I made a quick adjustment to the pointwork and brought it forward to increase the length of the headshunt. I will probably add another siding or two beside it.
  20. Omagh Goods Yard

    Jonathan you are so correct. I am aware of that and that’s the next thing on my list to change, thanks. The problem has been trying to keep pointwork clear of baseboard joints.
  21. Omagh Goods Yard

    Jonathan, excuse my ignorance but can you explain ‘headshunt’ and are you referring to the siding next to the goods yard store.
  22. Omagh Goods Yard

    Thanks Paul. There will be another siding between the turntable and good shed. The other end won't change much other than another point or possibly two.
  23. Omagh Goods Yard

    Some more progress. Added additional board unit and moved turntable position. Created more space at North end for locos to exit the yard. Additional pointwork to be added.
  24. Is it possible to travel from Sligo to Castlebar by train direct, I'm going down end of September and thought the train would break break the journey up for me?
  25. Wexford Model Railway Club Exhibition Easter 2018

    I have to take my hat off to everyone involved in organising and exhibiting. It's a long jaunt from here but maybe someday i'll make it. Thanks for posting the photographs which were a pleasure to view and get plenty of ideas from.

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