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    So - here's the plan......Grub. the Parade, the match, loads of uncle Arthur then 'tis off to find the 'Little People' to get that 'Croc O Gold' to pay for all these models!

    Aye - with my luck I'll get my ass bitten...

    Come on yer best Jason!
  4. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    Now there's a thought that's going to fester!!! Great pic bty Scahalane - thanks for sharing that gem!
  5. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    Excellent Fran - 'tis no secret that the weeder is my favourite and I have no doubt that ye will make a smashing job of it!
  6. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    Calling IRM Towers - re the weedsprayer .... will the models include connecting pipework between tanks (both twin on the one flat / between each flat and connecting to the spray van)?
  7. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    Hmm - just checking the ould piggy bank. Forgot about that fecking IOU! Must work harder!!
  8. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    'Suffer' comes to mind!
  9. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    The things we do for the hobby!!!
  10. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    Take a sniff of this any you'll be grand Dave!
  11. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    .....don't be fooled - our womenfolk know what were like. You have been played my friend
  12. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    Go on ya good thing!!
  13. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    I've just died and gone to heaven! Brilliant selection lads and please do the weedspray coach!👏👏👏
  14. Jaysus lads - starting to get excited now...
  15. Quick prediction in advance of 4pm.........A class, 42' flats, plough vans
  16. Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    Holiday money spent...again! Thanks for your help Fran!
  17. Well at least the announcements are going ahead so we still have something to look forward to! 😋
  18. Dazzle ships

    heres a little bit of history that i dadnt know.....'Dazzle ships' above shows the outlandish colour schemes used by the british navy during the WW1. They were called 'Dazzle ships' and the thinking was that gunnery officers on enemy ships could not get an accurate fix on them because the colour schemes threw them off!....no accurate radar plotting then! anyway its all being done again accross the pond to raise awarness of these ships that served in the war. .......history lesson over for today - now off and get a cup of tea!
  19. Valentine's Day.

    Ye better pull the ould cord there lads - 'cos ye're going down the wrong line there ! thought I covered my tracks well
  20. Valentine's Day.

    I give up lads! Gave herself a bunch of flowers, chocs and a sup of the ould vino ....and she looks at me and said 'what are you up to now?' 26 years and I still cant figure her out!!!

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