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  1. Yeah we should send them the bill as as well for the flights out and back, not to mind paying them for the stuff. 

    The amount of quotes I ama getting in looking to bring PPE in from china is unreal. <4000 deaths they had and now they are coining it again. Unreal.


  2. 4 hours ago, WRENNEIRE said:

    And no "wonderful weathering" George, that loco was fresh out of the box!

    Not at the end of an 7 hours run it wernt nice an glossy Davo!! Pic below is in LMS Service, Not BR!


    LMS 4-6-2 Princess Coronation class No 6237 'City of Bristol is seen in a very dirty condition as it speeds south on an up express

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  3. 1 hour ago, Lambeg man said:

    Dromin Junction, Saturday 18th May 1963, IRRS outing to Ardee. Not sure why the 'A' class is running around the two coach train here as it then worked through to Ardee from here. Has the special been to Dundalk before traversing the Branch?

    Ta, This month a chap wrote in with the location details to cleart that matter up!


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  4. Just reading this which contains normally UK stuff and always contains inspirational Photographs of the Rail network around Britain but Feb has a couple of Delightful Pictures in it of A's and C's and some other stuff. Worth getting a copy for a Gander.

    all you need is a lovely Green A class and two Coaches and you would be able to Create that lovely scene depicted! 





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  5. Cluster down here in Conna by all accounts (HSE Info from an insider). given the horse activity down here no surprise really the thicks.

    Just in Marks cork there at lunch for some stuff before the shut for a while, Pity as well as new chap just got going!



  6. No air transport for the foreseeable future = no job for me with probably future layoff!!  Can't win it seems.


    On 3/17/2020 at 1:08 PM, Broithe said:

    The internet suggests that I could be back here in half an hour with a new microwave oven for £39.

    I bought one in 1983 for £180, the internet suggests that is equivalent to £522 today.

    To be fair, it is still working, just, though it is getting very slow now.

    I would always suggest getting an old-fashioned type, "with knobs on" - more reliable and quicker to use.

    I would always suggest getting an old-fashioned type, "with knobs on" - - It has one knob on - Just like Myself.... Lets hope that does not stop working....

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  7. 21 hours ago, WaYSidE said:

    thanks , after reading the guardian article I sorta feel everyone gonna rush out and shoot crows, or worse, all the crows,  so much biodiversity is lost, stuff that we could have used in global healthcare...

    even the amazing biodiversity of track side in the past century is gone, fires from locos, used to control vegetation and created a diverse transient flora, much of which is gone,  what remains on old railways tends to be woodland flora in shade and gorse/furze or shrub in sun.,  the short term grassland meadows, filled with colorful annuals and biennials is gone.  I notice irish rail is sowing wildflowers back into some waste ground instead of spraying it.

    Interesting to see this from a Farmer like yourself Mr Wayside when much of the Hedgerows are being cutback , dugout, Dykes filled in, Wetland continously being drained, Trees being much maligned. Much of this causing our own crisis with biodiversity and human suffering such as flooding. 

    much of which is gone,  what remains on old railways tends to be woodland flora in shade and gorse/furze or shrub in sun. Loads of Trees is lismore along the old allignment were levelled last month

    Refreshing see your a bit more enlihtended on this it seems Mr Wayside.



  8. 16 hours ago, Noel said:

    In the great scheme of things given the circumstances a delay is not important for consumers, but please bear in mind the financial cash flow issues the CV-19 crises could potentially pose for all manufactures using Chinese sub-contractors for their production. Patience is a virtue. If all the promised new locos don't appear until 2021 its not the end of the world, but for any medically vulnerable folk who contract CV-19 it could be the end of their world. Thanks for the heads up Dave ( @WRENNEIRE).

    You know What Noel, I pretty well pissed of with the Chinese. Whats going to come down the line next from this crowd?

    Maybe its time to bring manufacturing back home and move from that crowd. It just shows how much the planet depend on them really. If the whole of China went down we would be goosed not to mind the toys in the happy meals gone. I would not mind paying a small bit extra for good quality stuff. People might think twice about buying cheap throwaway stuff and go back to longer lasting quality products but it is all growth this and growth that looking after the uber rich and thier Mini liners in Monaco.

    Seriously enough though they produce enough rubbish that we really don't need, Much of it plastic crap that the kids play with once or twice before it ends up land fill. Time to end the making of that sort of crap too. The EU should but a quality system in place to reject those sort of products from plastic rubbish toys stuck on the front of Kids mags right up to electrical goods that dont have a long life. We throw away too much these days. I am tired of it all.

    The Mircowave here as gone tits up, just because one button has stopped working, Not that old either but out of Warrenty. Too Expensive to get a dude to look at it not to mind repair it, Just might have look myself to see If I can replace it with summit in the shed.

    Apologies for the rant and not a 121 chat, Self islolation needed in the man cave for the day I think as I have a RC Boat to Finsh off in case me Dad pops his clogs without seeing it along with some nice music.

    Bye for now



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  9. Not to pushed about 121's as nice as they are, Just need to get through the next weeks, Months, year without burying anyone close.

    When they arrive they arrive.



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