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  1. A group of hornby and lima 00 gauge x3 lms style mk1s marron, x3 gwr choc/cream 2 white roof 1 grey and x2 green brake and buffet and pullman short in 1930's livery £23 each group of 3 coaches
  2. All now sold through another site. Thanks for looking/interest
  3. Hello I have messaged you personally a couple of days ago on here.
  4. A group of pre nationalisation stock from the big 4 and some br period items all non dcc but could be adapted. Prices are a guide and maybe subject to deals on a job lot or whole all are non dcc pics can be supplied if needed so please do PM me A Hornby x-03 powered Lner green b12 R866 in lined really good condition bodyshell sound and tender £35 ono Hornby R3050 Duchess Of Abercorn in LMS good condition with stock box £45 Hornby 2-6-4 fairburn tanks in LMS Marron R055 and BR lined, both earlier x-o3 drive models marron £35 BR Lined black R062 £45 both are boxed Bachmann Lord Nelson Sir Matin Frobisher SR light Green excellent boxed with steps and parts diagram 31-401 £45 Bachmann 43xx 2-6-0 with tender BR late logo unlined boxed £35 Replica & Mainline Collett goods 1 Gwr green (37058) & 1 Br unlined early logo black (37059) £30 each Mainline (37056) Scot class rebuilt Scots Guardsman in LMS post war lined black boxed £35 Airfix prarie 2-6-2 54150 in GWR green 6110 excellent runners x2 available £25 each Airfix Castle 4-6-0 54142 class GWR green lined in box £35 Dapol County class 4-6-0 in gwr green £35 Coaches Hornby Southern coaches 2 lots in different greens lighter green comp and bogie luggage £15 the pair, 3 darker green hornby comps Southern with gold decoration to panels £25 the lot x4 Lima 00 LMS MK1 coaches in marron correct true scale types 2 light grey and 2 darker grey roofs £25 for the 4 Top
  5. Probably not, but a marriage could be made out of the spares to look like a real one. As the older hymek body from that time will fit on the ringfield underframe etc.
  6. Some more Tips 1) if you want to weight them matchsticks is an excellent idea can even use them as bracing inside. 2) Old traction magnets make excellent clamps. 3) using word tools or similar you can create from drawings lines which are easier to print then glue to card. 4) riverter or punch hole tools make excellent starts for doing windows on coaches etc.
  7. Garfield As Per Forum Rules, I have edited the post in regards to the items pictured now have a price
  8. Oh i see.. Its a Beko tumble dryer 9kg model
  9. Hi Wrenn eire picture no2 is a 4-2-2 loco with tender
  10. Cool coaches look a bit like a mix of several features of the big 4 rolling stock of the uk, some GWR features but mixed in with LMS too. Underframe is similar to the 57ft underframe so common before 1948 nationailisation
  11. Various makes of trains from £15 each can post, all in working order. Intercity train £25, Gwr loco £40 with boxes, Flying scot double tender edition £65, class 08 £14, prarie 2-6-2 £15. Some coaches and wagons from £2 each. Can provide more pics if required PM me
  12. A couple of 00 engines A scot class be green with box has had new axles, A J72 tank in 1948 livery black with 'british railways' on tank sides. A standard class 4 with tender in br green with new axles, a dock shunter a deltic & a lima n gauge loco all various prices
  13. All in excellent condition and running prices for these vary Hornby 9f in black excellent in box 55 pound, hornby a4 silver fox and bachmann a4 seagull in br green 50 pound each, A lner green a4 trix sea eagle 45 pound, hall class kneller hall complete with later wheels 30 pound, Ivatt 2-6-0 hornby lined black 30 pound, More a4's all runners 45-50 each and some mainline complete boxed locos 45 each these have had new axles fitted
  14. Cool 0 gauge model could your friend make a few more A class?
  15. All prices are in given pounds sterling here are pictures of the locos the class 31 is weathered to like some did in the blue period
  16. A couple of items for sale all 00 gauge A hornby southern livery M7 tank number 245 in green a good runner project 20.00 ono Hornby hall class 'albert hall' in gwr green good runner with tender good condition unboxed 20.00 ono scratch built timber wagons Irish style short wheelbase 5 in total 4.00 each ono airfix class 31 in blue well weathered with 5 pole motor good runner 15.00
  17. A value has to be said in perhaps covering an easier introduction to modeling in irish railway stock perhaps an rtr chassis type with a one piece body for a wagon which may be could be detailed to a version or diagram?
  18. Nice job on the wagon using the triang chassis, could be an idea for Hornby as they still have the chassis
  19. The Metcalfe card builder sheets like brick walls come in usually a pack and have 2 different grade thicknesses. Ideal for building a goodshed or two
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