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  1. Pretty nice blueprints, loads of good measurements. All in All, would blueprint again.
  2. Wow, nice! Yiz should do an IE 29000 Class next!
  3. Much the same as my other post, I was wondering if anyone had any photos of the Mark 4 Control Car Cab? Also, is there a website with pictures of all the Irish Rail train cabs? Thanks -Grit
  4. So... I was thinking about building an IE 2700, 2750 or 2800 Class in a Game called simpleplanes, however, one thing that I need is a photo of the cab. A search of google images returned nothing so I was wondering if anyone here had any photos? Thanks -Grit ps- Iā€™m new here so if you could tell me if Iā€™m doing anything wrong that would be great! šŸ˜‹
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