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  1. A wee taster of things to come... A rough back of a fag packet calculation suggests a smidge over two scale miles for a train leaving the station throat on the raised section, traversing the layout and returning...
  2. Big infrastructure works in progress...
  3. Castle Kerry is undergoing a massive rebuild currently... It will be back later this summer in a new improved bigger format. Hopefully
  4. Its a Bank Holiday, so nothing is moving at Castle Kerry. ... but some strange rolling stock has appeared. Doubtless it will be gone as soon as the gricer grapevine swings into action, and no-one will ever believe it
  5. I've been having some fun with the old LokProgrammer, so here is a very uninteresting video 20200508_161629[1].mp4
  6. The push pull set was in dire need of power.... Ah, no... perhaps not
  7. Pleased to say I've bought a Lokprgrammer too... not arrived yet but looking foward to sorting my own sounds out... stupid door slamming and hand brake ratcheting are going for starters...
  8. Today's afternoon Liner departure had a couple of Ferts tacked on...
  9. I managed to solve the problem with 080 in DC mode at least, now need a chip for her and new arrival 078. I spent an hour or so putting kadee #18s on the container flats and then made up and ran a liner train. I have reasonably generous curves (just ask the wife) so I am able to use the #18s with no trouble at all. The working buffers really come into their own, especially when propelling this lot back into the yard. The fleet at rest - I have a 201 as well, but it's too big and ugly for my little railroad. My next loco will be something very closely related to the 071s but also rather different...
  10. Guys, I've had no problems so far with any MM071... but number 80 is turning into a bit of a dog. I fitted a loksound5, and although the sound and lights work fine, she runs intermittently, and stalls completely (killing sound and lights) frequently. It's not registering as a short on my Powercab. In DC mode, she'll run fine for a bit then suddenly slow right down and run as if on half speed. I've checked the other locos, and swapped chips around - it doesn't seem to be a problem with the new chip or a track power problem... On stationary test, it'll run fine, so it doesn't seem to be a pick up problem. The problem only appears once the loco is moving freely. Perplexed, and a little annoyed as I can't figure it out myself. I also can't work out how to get into the mechanicals, I've had the bonnet off to get the chip in, and accidentally half removed one of the truck side frames, but I wonder if its a problem with the grease around the wheels/gears/pick ups.... grabbing at straws really.
  11. Ah well I should have read the destructions in the box... I'm no audio expert but that speaker set up looks a bit... rough? Isn't the speaker supposed to be sealed to the enclosure?
  12. Hmmm i wonder if the 20-645E3 would be even better?!
  13. did ya say the '71s come with the speakers already fitted? hmmmm
  14. Bit of work on the layout, mostly built a bridge and did some tidying up... I need to reduce the height of that signal, far too tall.
  15. what chip/speaker combo is that? sounds different to both of mine (which sound different to each other!)
  16. Draper Tapers! And very nice they are, too
  17. I think we all know what's going to happen next...
  18. Did the 121s have 645E or has that chip been designed for the 071?
  19. I had a nice little operating session this afternoon, at the end of which if you happened to be on the bridge overlooking the station, this was the view. for the spotters, from the left: bubbles, flats, ferts, MK2 set, 088 on Cravens, and at the buffers is 077 on the MK3 push pull set 6105. Moving along the bridge changes the view to admire 88 and the MK1 GSV better... I'm really pleased with how it's coming together, the atmosphere of a compact busy terminus is beginning to take shape. It all fits into a surprisingly small space... I could have made the station longer, but I wanted to model the approach roads to a reasonable length.... most terminal layouts I see model the station then cram the approaches into a few inches and then abruptly disappear into a tunnel or similar. I wanted a plain length of tracks where you might lean over the fence and watch the trains arrive and depart, and admire the station pilot waiting for its next job.
  20. The girders for your bridge look like they would be an excellent choice for the two bridges on Castle Kerry... what make are they?
  21. I did a wee bit more, after 4 hours of online meetings and working from home, and a walk up to the pharmacy. It was a lovely day, for the end of the world as we know it! Today's job was to see about another small siding to go in, next to some sort of fertiliser, grain, brewery sort of place that dominates the goods yard I'm getting quite pleased with how this is shaping up now... It's starting to look like a proper little goods yard now
  22. Once I'd got some online meetings out of the way, I managed a leisurely couple of hours in the shed rearranging the goods yard.
  23. Just my luck I guess... anyway, it gives my 071s some proper work to do
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