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From Start to Finish - How to install a DCC sound chip and speakers to Murphy Models Class 141/181

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Over the last few months, I've bought four class 141/181s and as I love having sound, I wanted to fit DCC sound chips and speakers to each. I hadn't fit speakers before to anything so this was a new challenge, even just getting the body shell off the loco was something I had to look up. I also found two good posts on this topic on this forum https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/8434-dcc-sound-for-locos-in-2020/ and https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/4568-dcc-sound-speaker-comparison/ to get me started and give some idea of what needed to be done. 


After testing a bunch of different speaker types (watch the tests here if you like) I eventually settled on a combination of a sugarcube with as deep an enclosure as I could fit into the loco and a megabass speaker which just about fit, with some modification of the chassis.

I never found a start to finish video tutorial on how to do this, so decided to create one and add it on here - hopefully it helps someone else in the future :)


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Just after looking through this video now, don't know how I missed it, what a fantastic tutorial, don't know would I have the ability or the cahonies to tackle a Job like this, thanks very much for explaining how to do this. Cheers.


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Thanks a lot John,

Missed your comment so only replying now sorry!

I have similar tutorials for adding speakers to the 071, 201 and even 121 classes, decent speakers jus make such a difference :) Just putting the content and images together - watch this space!

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