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  1. Lovely job Eamonn, they look the part, also it was really nice to meet yourself and Enda last week at the Camden fort show. Thanks for taking the time both of you to talk and explain things. Your layout was class and I'm particularly taken with your z21 controller it was nice to have a go and get the feel of a dcc controller. Thanks once again. Cheers john
  2. Hi Jason. Really enjoy your workbench, the silo is brilliant looking, same here I also have a fondness for cement wagons and cement traffic in general, looking forward to your updates. Btw. did you do any more to your ammonia wagons they were taking shape really well ,any pics of them finished. Cheers. John.
  3. Congrats Dave,. Looking like it's going to be something really special. They got the right man for the job. One question Dave ,. what is open frame,. sorry if it's a silly question.
  4. Stunning ,really looks the biz,. Will have to get the bundle deal for sure , or am I jumping the gun Fran. 😀 Well done lads
  5. Eoin,. I have seen some fantastic models built before, however this is simply a class apart, just stunning, and to watch its progress from start to finish. Well I can say no more, just brilliant john.
  6. KMCE, Eoin, Galteemore, Mayner. Gentlemen, Thank You so much for taking the time to explain and give your much needed opinions about hold and fold tools and bars and such. I think I will invest in the trumpeter 165mm tool as its not as costly and it got very good reviews, as it is not long enough for the ammonia wagons, I will look at folding bars, ( I only need to do five wagons) in the future. Once again lads I really appreciate your help. I might have to call on your advice regarding brass kits again sometime. Regards John.
  7. Hi lads, Looking for some advice and help on above . I have a good few brass kits to do , something like five ammonias , two water tanks for ammonias , roughly four sets of keg frets and about fifteen 42' flat wagons ( I must do these first before anybody releases them) and numerous 1/35 scale tanks with a fair bit of photo etch with them. So to get to my point , has anyone here got or used these hold and fold devices , are they helpful, any particular brand or outlet better than another or is there an easier and cheaper way to fold brass kits. Do I really need one or will it make life much easier . I would be grateful for any help. Thanks lads. john. P.S. I built one brass ammonia wagon and was not happy with my effort.
  8. Aren't we all glad you saw through him look at the fantastic models your producing . Nobody can touch your level of detail, or commitment to the hobby. Ha,Noel you just beat me to it onwards and upwards.
  9. Great news. The Grey livery is just class looking.
  10. John-r

    The Ultimate

    What I could really go for is a jeep to go with the lovely spoil wagons from Leslie. Definitely the Mk 3s including the push pull. Im with JasonB on a Dutch van either rebuilt or unrebuilt , don't think I've ever mentioned the Dutch vans to Fran or on here before I could be mistaken , and also the Thumpers if that's correct . cheers guys.
  11. John-r

    New home for IRM

    You Guys should be really well pleased with the contents of your cabinet, not only have you brought us extremely top quality models, also your customer service and how you go out of your way to accommodate us ( this I know ) . Let's just say going the extra mile, falls short for what you lads do . Thank you and very well done to all.
  12. I would also agree with above posts from Fran and Noel, the slate grey livery is fantastic looking. Each livery release of the bubbles seems to slightly outdo the previous imo. Great addition to the range lads, and many thanks for making these wagons available for us.
  13. Fantastic result,. very well done lads.
  14. John-r

    Vote for IRM!

    All done,. Best of luck guys.
  15. What a fantastic choice. in fairness who doesn't like the look of these locos ,. I will support this also. very well done lads.
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