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  1. Your doing the very best you can lads, these delays with covid and train strikes are totally beyond your control. When they arrive they arrive, for me anyway, they are a serious looking piece of work. Thank you.
  2. Have to say, really enjoy this great layout and the videos, it's something I would aspire to create if I had the talent to do so, thanks for sharing a joy to watch.
  3. Just wondering, is this in the first or second run it looks great, ( I'll see meself out ).
  4. This Loco goes beyond the wow factor. If I was to leave Tralee now could I meet the train somewhere, it doesn't matter where and get my As from them.
  5. Rob, This is the level of workmanship we would love to achieve in our own layouts, absolutely top class, very well done.
  6. What attention to detail, this layout just looks so realistic, both sets of photos with and without rolling stock really draw your attention to the care and thought that has gone into this project. Very well done Rob, it's class looking.
  7. Stunning, that's all I can say, can't wait to get my paws on this one as well. Great job lads.
  8. These are seriously impressive looking, something about the dayglo panel on the tippex livery just looks cool, but then again every livery so far has looked great.
  9. They really do look the business. Just my opinion but I think from seeing the Silver version posted above these and the two green versions will look something special when seen in the flesh. Of course they are all looking great, can't wait, well done Lads.
  10. Hi Guys. Any last minute updates of the endangered species on the leaderboard, feel the need to get a few more of there beauties Cheers John.
  11. Good morning all, Happy camper here this morning, just received the KUA wagons, no photos yet still drooling over them. Not are they only some size, but the attention to detail is really something else. Excellent wagon lads and very well done. (escort coaches next I presume) I'll leave now.
  12. John-r


  13. Done. Hope you sweep the board with award's. Best of luck
  14. Great addition to the fantastic project 42 range, lots of scope with what to do with them. Ordered.
  15. Hi all, I have one of these Lima 201s myself plus a few Lima coaches resprayed into gen vans, so can the pizza cutter wheels be changed to something like the rp25 I think that what they are called or must they stay as they are. Sorry if this has been answered already or sounds a silly question, thanks john
  16. Got my order in ,these wagons have a habit of selling out very quickly, which is great news for everyone. Lovely looking wagons once again. Thank you lads, john
  17. Absolutely fantastic scene really realistic, love the weathering on the spoil wagons and the loads inside them, TBH really like everything about this layout, well done Noel .
  18. Received my spoil rake before the weekend. Another winner, really like these wagons probably as they are currently operating on the network, thanks to DJ Dangerous for posting the video on page one , really nice to see the real wagons in action.Really Lovely wagon thanks again lads.
  19. My keg bundle arrived yesterday evening and I was able to really appreciate going over these wagons last night. To say they are stunning is an ( and yes I have said that about each Irm release and will probably say the same about future releases ) understatement. They really do look the part . Thanks very much lads once again for a lovely wagon. Cheers
  20. What a great way to start the week, great news Fran thanks for the good news, they look fantastic.
  21. Really fantastic looking loco, the detail is sublime also this livery really does it for me, not really my era , well yes anything you lads produce for us will be my era. So I got to have one in this livery. Very well done guys an absolute winner.
  22. Hi George, Just got a digital copy, thanks very much for the offer, will still be on the lookout for a paper copy. Thanks to all for the replys
  23. Hi guys, Thanks for the replys, I have tried the publisher, Rail Express are out of stock, tried amazon, eBay and a few other UK magazine places but to no avail, also wary of taking out subscriptions as last time I did that each issue was damaged so cancelled subscription, not with this magazine company. Kind of just putting this out there hoping someone might know where else to look. Thanks guys. john
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