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Removing Paint

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Would paint stripper be too severe or less ' date='rather than use brake fluid?[/quote']


I've used Phoenix precision superstrip and it melted an Athearn cab and nose on me, literally turned them into mush. It has also scarred plastic that I've seen before. I get better results with brake fluid, but that's just me. Usual disclaimer etc. I wouldn't leave it longer than 24 hours though.

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I would recommend brake fluid also. I tried it out on an Airfix/Dapol MK2d coach which had 3 coats of automotive spray paint on it (primer, orange and lacquer) and I left it soaking for over a week. After this the paint literally just slid off in one piece with no damage to the plastic. From reading online about it it seems DOT3 has been replaced by DOT4 but I assume they do the same job?


As regards paint stripper, stay away from Nitromors, it melts plastic straight away as I found out :(

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