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Its worth watching American E-Bay some sellers either split the contents or sell unboxed sets http://www.ebay.com/itm/BACHMANN-HO-GAUGE-IRISH-RAILWAY-TRAIN-ENGINE-CARS-WORKABLE-NEW-OLD-STOCK-/121048091447?pt=Model_RR_Trains&hash=item1c2f074b37.


I got a green Woolwich from a set the only drawback is that the shipping can sometimes be expensive as the model.

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It would be very hard to do that, I think Dave is the only one who could resist the temptation not to open it up for a good look.

Bang on K

PC is bushwhacked at the moment, cannot post any pics but its still wrapped in its plastic, same as Fitz

Also have one that Marks sold, it has a sticker on the front saying the traffo has been removed

I will hopefully post a few pics soon

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any chance you have some of the coaches for sale wrenn?


Meeting a chap next Weds who has 6 for sale, not sure of numbers at the moment but they are boxed and unused according to him

They were displayed with an N class on a shelf.

I will keep you posted

Any particular numbers or coach type you are looking for?

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Managed to get this pic today

PC still acting the goat


The pic shows the Marks Model set, they removed the traffo and track and sold the set boxed with lable attached

The second set is the sealed in plastic version for sad bastards..................



Ah! Dave your not sad

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