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Buffers, W-Irons, Coupling Hooks

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I'm scratchbuilding a GNR(I) Butter Van for myself and my bodging has come to a halt. Does anybody know what type of buffers it had? I'm thinking "C" on this webpage. http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/gansg/4-rstock/04arstock2c.htm and where I might buy them?




Also, coupling hooks and links together as a pack? W-Irons too and axelboxes, leaf spring assemblies, and handbrake levers? The upper body stuff is sorted, it's all the chassis gubbins I need.


I'm exasperated from looking on tinternet, and some kindly soul here may have trod this path, and might have the info on who would stock all these items together? I had thought about scratchbuilding the leaf springs =))




Oh, one other thing, would anyone have an idea of the font colour? Red and gold inlay?



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Alan Gibson Workshop may have what you need, Richie... http://www.alangibsonworkshop.com/ (full catalogue here: http://www.alangibsonworkshop.com/Catalogue.pdf).


I actually have some buffers that may be suitable. You're welcome to some... I just have to dig them out.


Cheers Pat, that is some astonishing range of stuff, though for a bunch of chaps who are qualified in IT, its a shambles of a website! The 9' Wheelbase kit may be the answer, but the buffers are still a mystery.



I have boxes of that stuff, plastic and white metal

Maybe when you are delivering my orders you might like to have a root in my drawers?

Maybe stay the night?


Excellent news Dave. Can't wait to tell the wife. PIMP I'll be on to you shortly about your "orders" as you describe them...



I prefer MJT castings http://www.dartcastings.co.uk/mjt.php, SSM does Irish W Irons and single lever brake gear, if you are broadly minded enough to use Des's W Irons, I can sort you out with a set of OO wheel on 28mm axles.


That's a far more professional setup altogether, they have the buffers, coupling hooks and axelboxes.




Drop me a line, I'm sure I can do something for you





PM sent Des. Thanks for all the good info lads, will post up the completed version, with a "how to" tutorial and drawings in a few weeks.


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