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Bus show at Cultra

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Flying Scotsman 4472

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Can anyone tell me if there is a preserved KD. If there is where could I go to see it.


From that oh so accurate source, wikipedia


KD 353 is now undergoing restoration at the Irish National Transport Museum in Howth, Co. Dublin, where KD59 also resides as a spares vehicle.

KD 70 was housed at the now defunct Glasgow Bus Museum but is since understood to have been scrapped.

KD 221 is so far the only member of its class to be fully restored.

KD 184 is in derelict condition at Kells Transport Museum in Cork.

KDs 156, 199, 236 and 241 are in private ownership


Would love another spin on one myself. Miss them, KCs, Ds and RHs.

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Great pics Anto. Why do a lot of the older buses have an extra lamp on the front to the left side?



Well spotted I can only assume it was maybe there for the passengers getting on or of the bus in the country side or to help the driver see when pulling in or out of bus stops

I'm not sure hopefully someone will let us know

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