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Doing my bit for the planet

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I have been known to play the "GREEN" card the odd time to get out of a sticky situation. Take for instance when the Mrs starts flashing those amorous glances and dropping unsubtle hints in the "nookie" line. How does the save the planet thing work here you ask?
Well I argue about all of those calories that would be used and have to be replenished. "Think of all of those methane emitting farting cattle to be turned into burgers to help me get my strength back. All of that processing and transportation. Hard as it is (no pun intended) but we should think of the planet."

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I was under pressure to 'do something' for this Valentine's Day scam last Wednesday, so I decided to make a proper go of it.

I booked us a quiet table for two.

I expected to be complimented on my thoughtfulness.

However, it all turned into a total disaster.

Apparently, I was supposed to know that she doesn't like snooker.

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