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Weathering Attempt

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Patrick Davey

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This is my first attempt at weathering vans, using various dilute acrylic washes.  I may have gone a bit overboard, but after looking at some prototype material, it’s clear that some of these vehicles were truly filthy in their final years.  The recent offerings from Provincial Wagons are solid and great runners, but the black chassis needs repainting to match the wagon body, so I’ve done that before toning it all down with weathering.  My problem now is that these will be running behind pristine ex-works locomotives…… not sure I’m brave enough yet to tackle that!!!

2F522FF8-EB7C-45A9-8F98-CB7F5FFB47CD.thumb.jpeg.c4af1a6f2dd6c8be5b0de3e9be293fc2.jpegTwo of Leslie McAllister’s excellent recent offerings, both have had their black chassis painted grey, but only the one on the right has been fully weathered.


A419B7B1-464C-4CE8-97DA-F1BE012E19C7.thumb.jpeg.6d9fe4d20b988ca08552123c8d2ce0ed.jpegVarious vans here from Provincial Wagons and JM Designs.

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