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Ashford Show & Ballyconnell Road

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 Ballyconnell Road was at the Ashford Show this weekend, so took a few photos for those of you who may not be acquainted with this splendid layout. 3mm finescale, the track gauge is the correct 15.75mm for 5'3, with the equivalent of P4 [P3?] tolerances, resulting in very fine track and exceptional running. Indeed signals all work, auto couplings seem faultless and operation is really slick. A large variety of GNR trains feature - all scratch built, with most of the steam locos having working inside valve gear. Mick has been working on some new coaches recently. Flush sided, they are scratch built from nickel silver sheet, with all the windows and toplights fretted out by hand!





















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I will retell the story of when I first saw this layout at the Guildford exhibition some years ago.

The show was at the Methodiist Church Hall and I managed to park my Smart  Car in a tiny space in front of the church (on the Main Road, you can't any more). I had two hours free parking. I sent "The Boss" off into the Town Centre to have a mooch around the shops and told her to come back two hours later, as the Show wasn't that large.

I saw this layout listed as "Ballyconnell Road" and assumed that it was (another) Co Donegal layout or the like. Everyone knows my pathological dislike of the Irish narrow gauge, but I thought I'd have a quick look just to show support for Ireland.

Ninety minutes later, I was still walking round this vision of Heaven on Earth, chatting all the while with Steve and Mick.

I rang The Boss and told her I was moving the car into the Multi-Storey and to come back another hour later, so that I could have a glance at the rest of the Show!!

I followed the Lads to Southampton a few weeks later, to have another "fix"!

Thanks for sharing these photos, David. I see that the threatened VS Class hasn't appeared yet!

You never tire of seeing this.

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