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Very disappointing news, I too understood a Class 80 was going to Downpatrick and parts were been stored in Ballymena in anticipation of the transfer.

The Class 450's have engines taken from the scrapped Class 70’s so there’s some history there. Two sets were stored on the middle line at Bangor station. It will be sad if they disappear also.

I suppose we would need a local ‘Pete Waterman’ to come to the rescue.

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Anthony - there was a serious proposal put to the DCDR from a group who proposed to purchase a two-car 80 set and donate it to the DCDR. The proposal was approved by the DCDR committee, but since then the set had not been made available. Should said group acquire it and repeat their proposal, I am sure it will receive the same response. From the perspective of the DCDR management, nothing has changed to make them want to reject it at this stage! In fact, the coming St Patrick's Day operations would provide it with good opportunities for use on off-peak services.

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Update: I am advised that the group who planned acquisition of an 80 set, to be housed on the DCDR, are very much on the ball with it. I daresay that those concerned will post here, or let it be known otherwise, once there is news to report.


Bear in mind, folks, that such things can often have a very long lead-in time, following various negotiations behind the scenes. I would simply add that DCDR are not party to these discussions right now, but have agreed in principle that should they be successful, they will give the 80 class set a home.


450s - not included in above comments! Just saying....

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