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Defence force withdraws panhard aml 20 amd 90 from service

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the army have decided to withdraw the Panhard AML20 and 90's from operational service with effect from the 1th of may 2013.




'Our photo is of the last shoot of the Panhard AML 90 Armoured Vehicle and were taken on 30 April 2013 in the Glen of Imaal by Airman Jason Byrne.


Panhard armoured vehicles were first introduced into service with the Defence Forces in 1964 and soon after, AML 60s were deployed on overseas service to Cyprus (UNFICYP).


Over a period of almost fifty years, the Panhard armoured fleet has seen extensive service both at home and abroad including firing in action in the Battle of At Tiri in Lebanon in 1980, as a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) to injured civilians during the Grapes of Wrath offensive in Lebanon in 1996 and were used in an armoured reconnaissance role during violence in Monrovia, Liberia when intensive rioting began in 2004.


Following an upgrade programme in the 1990s which included dieselisation and re-turreting, the operational life of the vehicles was extended. However the Panhard fleet of AML 90s and 20s has now reached the end of its operational life.


All Panhard AML 90 and AML 20 vehicles currently in service with the Defence Forces will become non-operational today 01 May 2013 and will be withdrawn from service'


the above was a press release from the army press office.



thought you lads would like to see a few pics of them...



AML 60



AML 20



aml 90



un aml 90




90'S in a live fire ex in the Glenn


its sad to see them go, as they were a great fleet , with the exception of the aml 60....the mortar round had a nasty habbit of hopping out of the breech when on the move - scared the s*ite out of the crew!!!


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