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NIR 209 Hauling Waterford Freight

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There's one thing that bugs a lot of train spotters more than cafs, & that's that 209 is never up north. I doesn't bug me, part from she still on on my to see list. If she spends that much time down South, why doesn't <\\>Iarnód Éireann Irish Rail buy her off Translink NI Railways and put on new logos & a new livery etc?


But nice vids!

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Because, tony, 209, as with all 201s, is part of a shared pool. As such, IE or NIR can use each other's 201s as the need arises. As IE have a bigger need for locos, naturally 209 often ends up on the Irish network. As well as that, prior to the addition of MK3 vans, 209 could not work DD stock as her HEP equipment is not operational, hence was not useable for the Belfast link

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