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Tara Mines Train Times

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Hi there,

Could anyone advise me as to the times of the Tara Mines trains, as myself and a friend are thinking of travelling down to see one?

Also, if anyone knows the best stations not too far from drogheda (as we would be coming from belfast on the enterprise and getting an IE local at Drogheda, and dont really want to travel too far) to see the trains in motion at, it would be great?

Thanks guys

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Sorry for taking ages to reply! Yes these times apply for every weekday but on Friday some of the trains, especially the 12:20, can be cancelled. The early morning Taras leave Navan at 09;20 and follow the same path as the 12:20. The evening service leaves Navan at 18:20 and it too follows the same path. Please ask if you need any more information:)

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Any idea of the times that the Tara formation heads along Alexandra Road. Would like to get there next time I go to Dublin.


Beware when taking photos on Alexandra Road (or anywhere on Dublin Port Company land) as you will probably get hassle from the port police. All activities in the port area, i.e. everywhere to the east of East Wall Rd, are covered by port security legislation, which means that security is much tighter there than elsewhere.


You could try applying for a photographic permit from the DPC - their head office is in the Port Centre, the square multi-storey building on the right-hand side at the start of Alexandra Rd. Phone 01-8876000 ; email: info@dublinport.ie ; Fax 01 8557400.

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