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BBB by Sulzer201

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Badly Built Bubbles - I got another four bubble cement wagons built during the week. I had four BR 2 axle cement tankers that were surplus. The chassis were too long so they were chopped down and we purchased some more Kinders eggs. The bubbles were sprayed with white spray paint and I glued on some cardboard rectangle shaped cuts for the catwalks, slices from an old election poster were used for the ladders. I'm sure others on here can build much better and more accurate models of the bubble cement wagons but these will do me for the time being. I now have a rake of 11 wagons and I've got rid of wagons which were not authentic to the Irish scene. Marks have some more prestwins on order and I found that these recycled rtr chassis are fairly good runners. 090820131118.jpg





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Well you have done a great job Tommy.Dapol have a rtr chassis

that is the same as the prestwin,only not sure what the difference

is between them.I got some for my IFM cement wagons a while

back,and if you have a look back you will see them.I am very happy

with them as they run very well and have nem couplings.Not sure

what model they are on the Dapol site as there is quite a few.

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