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NCC 'brown van'

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First model railway project I've completed in 20 years (apart from a signal box conversion and excluding revived-but-not-yet-complete MPD and MED sets) - an NCC brown van, with another one or two to follow:




Replacement plasticard body on a Tri-ang horsebox. Kept the latter's roof with the ventilators sanded smooth; didn't bother with rainstrips as many seem not to have carried these. Only underframe modifications were to move the brake V-hangars closer to the centrelines and trim the brake levers to match, tapering the ends of the headstocks and adding seven little support brackets each side. Tho the preserved specimens at Downpatrick seem to have W-irons outside the leaf springs, older pics seem to show external springs so I left them alone.


Now, back to the MPD!




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Nice work 33Lima on the Brown Van. Des Coackhams "Irish Broad Gauge Carriages" has a full frontal of one with steel underframe and "modern" (inside) axelguards. On the opposite page is a brown van converted to a breakdown van with the axelguards on the outside. Seems you're safe enough! Richie.

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