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Freebie - Backscene

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I took these many years ago atop the Mourne Mountains, in the hope of one day doing a "lonely hilly station" with timber loading etc. diorama. I had intended that there would be a bank of trees and landscaping in front to blend correctly, and hardstanding concrete, diesel tanks and lots of rain! Anyhow, if any of you guys think it's of use, print it off and use away. It should extend to about 6 Feet without looking odd.






Full size http://www.glenderg.com/drawings/Mourne_Mountains.jpg


Usual "Fair Use" restrictions apply.


I know I took loads of photos over the years for different "phantom" layout backscenes, if I find them I'll upload them here. Richie.

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Can you take these grievances and sort them elsewhere instead of going off on one on multiple topics on here please Dave? The forum is nothing to do with any transaction or arrangement between two parties. You're both big boys who have multiple forms of communication. Please use them rather than airing them on here. Thanks.

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