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Warley 23- 24 November 2013

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Hall 5, NEC Birmingham


Opening times:



0915 (Advance tickets only); 0945 - 1800



0915 (Advance tickets only); 0945 - 1700


I will be running the Irish Railway Record Society stand - E05 - where you will find Irish books, recent and out of print; IRRS publications, including back-number Journals; AND Richard McLachlan's brilliant reproductions of the steam loco drawings from the IRRS Archive. You can even JOIN the Society - all Irish modellers should be members!


There will also be a small display of models from our respective collections.


While I will not be selling Provincial Wagons at Warley, if you wish to order wagons and pre-pay them, you can pick them up at the stand and save on postage.


We are located beside Baile Cois Farraige (E04), so maybe I can persuade the boys to run some of my wagons? Also Dun Ut Riain (E03), which sounds Irish to my Northern ears - but I can find no reference to it on the Internet!


Quite a little celtic enclave?


Éirinn go Brách (even after today's showing against Australia!)


We look forward to seeing you there.


Leslie and Richard

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You were beside this layout at Bangor earlier this year

I am not looking forward to getting old..........


About half way down this page Leslie:



No, I wasn't - it was on the other side of the hall, but thanks for the heads-up!


I thought it was brilliant, but the name escaped me - it'll knock 'em dead at Warley - a model railway with a difference! I wonder how many of the English will know that their great great grandparents' taxes paid for the original?


Dave, you're right about the growing old bit - not only the loss of memory, but the aches and pains when you crawl under the layout!



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Well done the Lads! Only won the Mayor of Sandwell's Prize for Baile Cois Farraige!


There was a crowd 2/3 deep in front of the layout, delighting young and old throughout the two days. In stark contrast to the 40/50 foot long Fremo layout behind us which had almost nothing happening on it and no-one watching it, apart from its operators - it looked beautiful, but exhibition layout it was not!


Well done, MRSI and in your Golden Anniversary year.



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