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Ideas for 8✖️4 layout

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Hi Sean

What I would suggest is you lay all the track you want to use first then check the points and make sure the locos and rolling shock don't de rail and where the base boards meet place a small piece of cardboard and tighten well.This will help if you are taking the boards apart you can cut all the track at the joint of the board.

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Hi Sean,


Have a look at http://www.freetrackplans.com they have lots of track plans for 8 x 4. Also an upper level would work well. You could have a terminus station on the upper level which would break up the lower level taking the train set look away from it.


We do an 8 x 4 in 3 sections including legs for €290 if your interested, it can be made into 4 or 5 sections if access is a problem.


Best of luck with it:tumbsup:

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I'd highly recommend a chat with Dave, having a lovely, clean, absolutely level baseboard is a must, and you can even build in levels and inclines at baseboard level - making the rest of the work much easier! My only regret so far was having done my terminus boards before meeting Dave, and now having to live with the unevenness of the ply :(

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Assume.by the 8x4 you want a tail chaser. However would question whether this.is a good size for either operation or visual effect.

Key problem with 8x4 is that you are looking at 18inch curves, 21 at best and unless short wheelbase stock is used then stuff will not look right with big overhangs on the corners. You will also be pushed to fit in siding and storage space because the longest straight will be four feet six at best.

At least consider a terminus fiddle yard before doing a tail chaser. You can avoid sharp curved and build a station that can run to a proper timetable or sequence. Equally, if a tail chaser is really your thing, then go for it, but as others have suggested, keep the track work simple and maybe try to find space for additional storage sidings to increase the number of trains you can run.

Iain Rice's Mainlines in Small Spaces has some good ideas, though nothing under 8x6. Check out Cyril Freezers layout plan booklets too (Peco), which do cover your available space and some of his ideas are very clever.

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