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The New Layout

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Paudie Riordan

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Hi All


In my last post I was letting you know that "Glyntown Road MK1" was being dismantled and "Glyntown Road 2" was to be born. Just a quick update to let you know how I am getting on.


I have started to dismantle the scenic and track work. All of this sould be out by the weekend. Baseboards will be out by New year.


I have sketched out a rough plan that I will put up once I find a scanner. I have broken it in to a number of parts, that I will complete in sections.


1. A Mainline station

2. A country station

3. A freight or cement terminal / work

4. A branchline station


So if you can imagine a "Capitol E" That's the shape. At each end there will be a turning circle to bring the trains back on and off the layout. I am going to forgo the fiddle yard and store the trains on the layout. The branchline will be in the middle section.


Baseboards will be 2ft wide all around bar the covering for the turning circles, which will be 4x4. There will be two nice dioramas on these. A farm and Town.


As I said I have the sections sketched out and will post later. What I would like some advice on is the track plan for the terminal or cement works. I have managed to get 16 45ft containers cheap on another forum. This along with the 12 or so I have should be ample enough. On the other hand I also have the same amount of cement wagons!!! anyway I am sure I will sort that out.


Does anyone know of where I could reference a decent track plan??? The area will be approx. 9 x 2.


I will keep you updated and let you know how I get on.


Any advise would be appreciated.

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Google Littlehampton for a good Terminus Layout with a good few platforms, Link here: http://www.s-r-s.org.uk/html/srj/R1250.htm


I fancy this track plan myself with a few extra bits for my Southern Region Terminus.


I would include a Run Around instead of a Draw off as it adds a bit of operational interest..


Thanks George.

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After a lot of thought and brainstorming I think I have final come up with the track plan for one side of the layout. It incorporates plans that

I have seen and stuff that I like. The layout plan has changed and is now U shaped. I may add lift up section to contact. Attached are sketches of the country station and branch line options. Comments and opinions welcome. If I can convince myself that I have used my space correctly then I will start on this section and move along.

Any input welcome positive. Or otherwise.image.jpg


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paudie, fine looking layout, looks like you've loads of room. I'm guessing it's about 12' long for the main board?


I reckon the goods shed is in the wrong location as getting wagons too and from would require some unneccasrily complicated shunting. You could add another connection to the main line at the end of the right hand side siding to make it less of a headache though...? It would allow you to do some shunting in the yard without interfering with main line operations. I'd also move the signal box to where you have the platelayers hut rather than in the middle of the layout.


Access to the branch line from the mainline is overly complex. You might consider the branchline away from the sidings alogether, and have it spin off in beside the platelayers hut.


Did this sketch on the train, give an idea of my thoughts. There are two single slips leading from the goods yard across the mainline to the branch.1399138105373.jpg



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