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Installing a Peco Inspection Pit on your layout

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Here is a step-by-step guide for installing an inspection pit under the running shed.

First, the pit is glued together as per peco instructions, and then measured up in place. The Woodland Scenics foam is cut away with a blade and the four corners drilled out with an 8mm wood bit to make room for the jigsaw.


Next, cut the slot with the jigsaw (observing safety icon_smile.gif )


Once done, pop the pit in an ensure a good fit. You might need to trim or file a bit here.


Next, remove the web from the back of the track for this section, just cut the web and you can pop the ties off the track for this length, and then slide the remaining web/ties off the track – you’ll need to keep it to re-thread onto the rails in a bit.


Now, carefully thread the rail onto the pit, feeding it all the way through, and then thread the rail back on to the end piece of tie / web.


And it’s done icon_smile.gif Doing it this way also means you maintain good electrical connectivity throughout, leading to less stressful running later on icon_smile.gif




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Yea that would be the finishing touch to it. Everard junction does a video where he outs lights in his shed. One thing is, how did you get it so deep? Did you cut into the board or did you elevate the track?



It's a bit hard to see, but in pic 2 above that's the floor you can see through the board :) A couple of minutes with the drill and jigsaw :)

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Comes with a length of rail, but I decided after reading up online to thread it into the middle of a standard 3 foot length for better results.


Lovely simple little kit, tho Bachmann are promising a nice looking one too (listed on their site but no sign of a real one as yet)

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