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NIR Paint Colours

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I wouldn't have the paint numbers as such, NIRCLASS80, but I'm wondering which livery you would be thinking in terms of with "fawn".... They had an inter-city blue and grey (with yellow, black & white lines) and a "suburban" red and cream.....


When new, the "Castle" class had maroon (as oppose to red) and cream, with a dull orange line.

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Thats it, or here it is in all its glory behind 113.


Northern Ireland Railways GM 113 waits in Belfast Central with "The Enterprise" in the early 1990's


FWIW, my original 1992 blue & grey 80 Class (in the middle below) used Ford Polar Grey as a base colour, which was a little dark; whereas my recent one used Ford Dove Grey (which to my eye is a ringer for the base colour used with maroon on the 450 Class, but maybe a bit 'warm' for the 80 Class, tho I think better than the Polar Grey). The blue on the recent model as Humbrol 14 Gloss French Blue which is what I remembered using for the 1992 model, tho it looks different, maybe it was Humbrol 25 Matt Blue, varnished, on the 1992 model.



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