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Britain From Above

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Hello gentlemen,

Some of you may already know what I'm on about but for those who don't, this is a great website that has lots of overhead images taken before and after the war of places all across Britain and some in Ireland, it is heaven if you find a track plan of a certain station you want to model, or what a certain goods yard looks like, all images are free to view, although if you make an account you can help others by identifying a certain picture and commenting on what it shows.

These are just 3 out of thousands that I've used as an example.




I've seen images of when the camera low down right beside a train, so there really is a huge range of images, something for everyone.

Click this link to go to the "Britain From Above" website and get searching, http://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/

I hope this comes in handy for some people as I know it's helped me lots,




Bear in mind that its not only railway pictures so It can take some time to find something that is railway related, but using the search bar function is great and should speed the process up.

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Nice pictures. The first picture is not technically part of the Harbour lines, but is in fact the Oxford Street terminus of the erstwhile Belfast Central Railway. This closed to passengers in 1885 due to competition from the Belfast street tramways, and the BCR was absorbed into the GNR(I).

The connection to the Harbour lines was through a tunnel under the Queens Bridge, top right of the picture. The lines at the bottom of the picture went to Maysfield Junction, a short distance away, close to the site of the present day Central Station.

The road running left to right of the picture is Oxford Street. The road in the centre of the picture alongside the river no longer exists as a road.

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