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GNRI Transfers

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Dunluce Castle


Hello everyone, I need some GNR transfers for my engine, mainly the letters "GNR" and the number "10". I've checked with studio scale models and they don't have what I need and I'm unsure about the new railtec transfers, so if anyone knows any other company that sells GNR transfers be sure to let me know, or if anyone has any experience with the railtec ones, I'll be interested in hearing from your experiences of them,




Ps: I'm going to check all the mainland GNR transfers and see if anything suits but I highly doubt it.

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Hunslet 102 and Nelson,


Please allow me too assure you - Sunrise is trading. I recently received a superb model of their GNR(I) Gardner Bus from them. A superb model, beautifully painted and with all the appropriate details.


Contact Details-



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Hi Nelson, my experience of Railtec is very good, the transfers are first class, see my coach!, the service is also good and Steve follows up if there are problems. They also do comissions but I did not use that service so I have no idea of price. And I have no connection with Railtec ecept as a customer.


On the Irish group on RM web there was a guy who posted about his Valentia branch & I am sure GN transfers came up and I am also sure he said he had used Somerset and Dorset crests which at normal viewing distance the deception had not been noticed.


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Look no further.


I have a set on the desk beside me and I'll bring it to Bangor.


See below for Eric Robinson's details.




Leslie -


From: ROBINSON ERIC < e.robinson40@ntlworld.com>

To: lesliemcallister < lesliemcallister@aol.com>

Sent: Sat, 24 Aug 2013 17:28

Subject: Re: Loco Transfers



Dear Leslie

Yes I still do them, Loco @ £4.75 and wagon @ £3.00. Just send a cheque with a stamped addressed envelope for return to me at

7 Petre Cres





I also have some G S wagon as well

Regards Eric

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