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Mohill, Co Leitrim

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If anyone is anywhere near Mohill this weekend the MRSI are displaying a small layout at Mohill as part of their

Summer festival

Mohill was on the Narrow Gauge Cavan & Leitrim line and they are attempting to reopen some of the old line as a cycle path and walkway

Sat & Sun in the village

Be sure to drop by and say hello

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Guess this proposal if it goes through will prevent the (new) C&L from ever getting beyond Mohill.


Greenways are the new black, it would seem.


The C&L group never planned to go beyond Mohill, in fairness. In fact, they'll be lucky if they ever reach it.


It'll be interesting to see the proposals for the greenway, and I'm sure there'll be a bit of craic around the town with the festival.

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Typical when I'm not home this weekend. I was home last weekend and saw the old goods shed getting a tidy up.

The greenway, as far as I know, is planned to go North out of town and therefore wouldn't affect the line from Dromad. It is a lack of money and will that would prevent the line from being reopened and I'm sure the people who's driveway's and garden's the line would have to cross near Dromad would have something to say too not to mention the farmers.

Hopefully it will be a great weekend and I've no doubt there'll be loads of craic to be had.

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