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Airfix 0-6-0 628 dcc

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He is trying to be heard over the rest of us.....



I have completed one before, same version if there is a permanent link to the tender, it was 10+ years ago, so below is from memory.

The conversion needs to be carried out in the tender, easiest done with a chip with a wiring loom attached, how i did it.

In the tender, feeds from loco end goes to black/red on chip, then orange/grey to the motor in the tender.

Remove the capacitor between the motor contacts if there is one still there.

Test run to ensure forward is forward, if not reverse wires going to motor.


That should be the job done.

Hope it helps.

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The most obvious thing if converting most British types to look even vaguely Irish can often be the cab. GSR loco cabs were usually unmistakeably Inchicore designed, while the GNR had a very identifiable style of their own. The NCC was a bit more of a mixed bag. Different if you're converting to be an actual Irish prototype; drawings are then necessary and any amount of alteration might result.

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