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MGW coaches & CIE Grain wagons

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Mike 84C


Guys, I looked on the old site and there seemed to be a proposed register of CIE wagons. I ask because my interest has been sparked in the converted H wagons with ladders up the side, roof walks and roof hatches. Did they have slope sheets inside and hopper bottoms or was it a man with a shovel? Any side view photographs?

And is there a photo or drawing of the corridor side for the MGW 60ft composites built on the Belgian under frames?

Any help is much appreciated MIke

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Ballisodare mills was the place for converted H-Vans, and there is a photo in JHB's book "Rails through the West". I did cobble together a side elevation drawing, mind, but I just know there was something going on the roof I couldn't identify.


I bust a gut looking for the details of the same thing a few years ago upon it's publication and I floundered Mike, and have yet to find a photo or reference since.


As for the MGW query, I can't help. R

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The CIE built grain wagons appear to have been built in two batches 23901-23950 12t 16'11" over headstocks built 1955 & 25021-250140 converted from H vans.


The wagon nearest the camera in the photo of Polloxfen's mill in "Rails to the West" does not have side doors, the next pair of wagons have side doors.


The GNR bulk cement wagons were similar in design to the H van and BR vans of the period though the body was in steel and the shape of the hopper visible. I remember reading somewhere that the doors on the H van conversions were welded shut. The sidings at Ranks Mill Clara were set up for unloading grain from hopper wagons.


H Grain Van.jpg


The roof detail is taken from a photo of wagons in the Dardanelles sidings of the Point Yard the slatted walkways appear to be 3X2 battens on bearers.


MGWR 1924 Coach end.jpg


MGWR 1924 Comp.jpg

MGWR 1924 Comp

MGWR 1924 Third.jpg

MGWR 1924 3rd


The 1924 coaches were supposed to be the most comfortable 3rd Class coaches on the GSR, I haven't seen a decent photo of the corridor side, the compartment coaches appear to have had similar continuous footboards to the GSWR stock. It just might be doable to kitbash one our of a Farish OO Corridor coach with microstrip to represent the panel beading.


The Midland did not build matching bogie brakes although some new 6 wheel brakes complete with oil lamps were built around the same time possibly to replace stock damaged in the Civil War

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John, you are a star! thank you very much, that is just what I need. I came upon three Hornby Caledonian coaches that are a little tired, for £20 and the 60ft MGW comp looked possible but I have searched all my books and have not found a photo of the corridor side. Now I do not need it.

The photo of Polloxfens mill in Rails to the West aroused my interest as I worked in the feed milling industry for about 25/30 yrs with Ranks & Dalgety and still work part time for Moy Park! And I thought the grain wagons would be an easy kit bash. I presume that most wheat and barley for animal feed was imported at this period? I was the grain movements manager for one of the Dalgety companies and we were sending several boats a week into Belfast with feed and milling wheat from Avonmouth.

Non of this can happen till the three Bredins I purchased from you are finished, thanks again.


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