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Now you see me , Now you Dont .

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Should be.

You're not wrong. Sorry, I could't find a big tongue in cheek emoticon when I said that, Jonathan.

These are just 'petty' crimes that have a low priority due to resources or whatever and many modalities of antisocial behaviour seem to be 'accepted/acceptable' to law enforcement and our modern society.:facepalm:

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Maybe it's just me, but of all the various crimes that we see in cities, there are three that personally I would take a very exceptionally hard line on. Graffiti, joyriding and drugs. All graffiti - a year's jail, no visits. All joyriding - five years ditto. All drugs - ten years to life. Yes, even you with the "recreational" joint........ anyway; maybe just me but there ye go. I live in a newly built area and lately a wall between our estate and a neighbouring one has become defaced with graffiti. I'd happily run over the perpetrator in a jeep.....

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