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07 series tampers

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This is a medium term scratch build project. I was wondering if the NR 07 series tamper at BCDR in NR , is the same as the 07 cie tampers brought into use in the mid 70s


Ive done a image search but can find very few pictures of the cie 07 serirs

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google search terms:


Plasser & Theurer "MU07-16" for NIR


Plasser & Theurer "07-16B" for CIE.


thanks , still doesnt seem to throw up specific CIE pictures, hard to determine the differences between the CIE and the NR 07s , I remember that the early 07s didnt have the roof covering the centre which laters ones have


my search continues

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Try this site it has Irish stuff on it. http://www.ontrackplant.com

This is a picture of the one in Downpatrick, it is 60ft long.





thanks , failing everything I hope to have a bash at that tamper as a scratch built, probably etched brass and some 3D printed stuff, its a long term project, photos of early ( 1975+->) ice tampers are rare to non existent

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