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Junctionmad has departed

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This is very sad news and something I saw reported on the Wexford Model Railway Club page yesterday.

I have to be honest, in Dave's earlier days in posting here I did clash with him a couple of times. As ever with these things, it was over stupid, silly stuff with posts lost in context once put on the web. I have to say at one stage, I got personal, and it was to my great shame and regret. I saw the error of my ways and apologised to Dave for my conduct. It has to be said that he accepted my apology, and from there we moved forward into a much more positive relationship as him acting in an official capacity for the Wexford club and me for IRM. There was never anything more said and indeed a very positive relationship, which even shared laughs, grew. 

I did not know Dave well, but to me I think that speaks volumes for his character. I did wrong, he accepted my apology, and allowed us to move on in a very positive direction and never held it against me. I was hugely appreciative of that and learned a valuable lesson in life. 

I since saw Dave at the Bangor and Wexford shows in 2023 and was very sorry to learn of his illness and see what impact it had on quite obviously a brilliant mind. I wish his family and friends the very best and that they're in our thoughts here at IRM.

May Dave rest in peace. We have lost some excellent modellers from the Irish scene in recent weeks with him and Ken. Very sad times.


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I saw this on Facebook. This is yet another member who has passed without my knowing them, and coming so soon after the loss of KMCE as well. I so wish I got to know these people, but often it's just too late. I suppose WMRC's Little Siddington is an impressive tribute to him, and I'll think of him when I see it from now on. Condolences to Dave's family and friends, and may he rest in peace.

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