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  • 2 weeks later...

My plan is to build Hood, if she had survived the Bismarck engagement.

05:39 am

Hood begins the turn to bring her full broadside to bear on Bismarck,

As she does, she fires from her A and B turrets at Bismarck. The first she'll lands 60 feet from Bismarck, the second straddles her, But the third was the one that mattered.

The shell hit and skidded across the deck. That's when it hit something hard. the Ceaser*barbette. The shell exploded causing the Ceaser turret to jumped of its roller while the Dora turrets electrics were severed, and unusable.

Admiral Luztens realises he is in big trouble. Another shell from prince of Wales has crippled the fire control. Luztens orders the ships to turn back. Bismarck makes smoke, and retreats to towards Norway, however Prinz eugen, damaged by Hoods second salvo lags behind

And is sunk by the heavy cruisers Norfolk and Suffolk.

Hood and Pow* gave chase to Bismarck, but lost her in a snowstorm

The two ships return to Scapa flow

Hood has taken some serious damage, mainly to her deck, when an 8 inch HE* shell hit her deck,causing a large fire as the 4inch shells and UP*rockets began exploding in their ready to use lockers.

Hood is in bad shape anyway, as she hasn't received a major overhaul in over ten years.

The admiralty decide to finally give her a "Large Repair" this plan had been conceived in 1938, but had been delayed by WW2.

But resources were in short supply,so the plan was to repair the essentials( deck armour, boilers, armour reconfiguration, extra AA, and getting rid of the Up launchers.


So that is the general plan for my Hood, along with the story of how she survived.

It will require some scratchbuilding, but it will be a fun project overall

Something like this, but without the massive"castle style bridge"




*Bismarcks turrets were given the Names Anton, Bruno,Ceaser and Dora

*Prince of Wales

*the UP( unrotated projectile) launcher was an experimental Anti aircraft system used on Hood

They would fire rockets, which would then put out little parachutes, creating a minefield in the air, or at least that was the plan, they had a rather bad habit of drifting back to the ship, and exploding. Needless to say they were not very successful, and were abandoned in favour of the 40mm bofors.

*high explosive

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  • 4 weeks later...

Finally, this morning, the Hood arrived after a LONG wait

It was worth it though..

Multiple different sprues..




Firstly, she is BIG .I am building her in the waterline version, but here she is full hull, for comparison to Dreadnought..you get what I mean..


And then the building frenzy began..not a bad days work methinks




Thanks for looking

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  • 1 month later...

Hello to everyone, I hope ye had a good Christmas and a happy new year.

Hood is currently going through her rebuild. A Warpite had to be sacrificed, which is unfortunate, as she is such a lovely ship, anyway here is Hoods current status




I believe the venerable IPads camera is on its last legs..

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  • 4 weeks later...
Very nicely done! I would never touch a ship kit with the fear of never actually finshing it, there are so many separate parts to paint.


Nelson, a man of your talent, would put me to shame,should you build one.

The painting was actually fairly simple, just slap on battleship grey, and wash the deck with a sort of teak color. I haven't gotten around to painting the boats or the AA guns yet, but I will get there. Eventually.


And it is intentionally that grainy. I'm not THAT bad at taking photos. Jesus, put your pitchforks away:dig:

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  • 7 months later...

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