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It may be worth a bit of practise to see how well you can get the two types to match.


A very good point. I see the sheets of printed rivets come as curved and as sheets that can be cut into straight lines. These could also be cut into single rivets for placement as suited, with practice, as you say and also a lot of patience I assume. using the one source will ensure uniformity, so I think I will try the printed decal type to begin with.

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Haven't tried the rivet strips, but they look really promising.

A rivet press is one alternative & there are many varieties - mine comes from GW Models, expensive, but a quality piece of kit.

At Expo Narrow Gauge last week found some EDM rivets - checkout http://www.ngtrains.com - they come in various sizes, from as small as 0.5mm. Am told that, unlike Grandt Line rivets, their 'pegs' are dead centre, so if you drill holes to take them, they should follow the line and not be wobbly. I decided to chop off just the heads and position them with an Exacto blade, with a dab of solvent. A couple of pics below, but will say more in my workshop page on CVR wagon body masters.DSCN2080.jpg


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