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Lazer Glue

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David Holman

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This 'new' adhesive was mentioned in the December Railway Modeller, but it took me a while to track it down. The glue is a gel, which only sets under ultra violet light. Hence we have a tube of gel with a 1mm via dispenser at one end and an ultra violet LED at the other.

Use the applicator to put the gel where you want it, bring together whatever it is you are joining and then shine the UV light on the join for 3-5 seconds. While the join isn't as strong as say 5 min epoxy, it is certainly good enough for all sorts of things and I am finding it very useful.

Sold by 'JML' in Britain, the likes of Wilkinsons & The Range are stocking it. About ten quid, but a worth addition to the modellers toolbox I would say

Apparently, it is used by dentists too...





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Apparently, it is used by dentists too...


Dentists have been using this system for many years - it allows you to position something without the risk of it setting too quickly in the wrong place and yet gives you the benefit of an almost instant set when you are happy for it to happen.


Best used indoors and out of sunlight.

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Yes our much hated/loved dentists wherever you live have some of the best state of the art glues and resins with superfast curing times that make the mind boggle and I use several types of resins in my workshop although it is worth noting that curing and exotherm (heat) produced by the added catalyst also causes shrinkage to some extent unless you factor this into your design and this must be allowed for if you want 99.999% perfection. 5 minute epoxy can be made soft or hard, superglues can be slow or fast depending on viscosity and if both surfaces are suitabley prepared can produce a bond which if you later try to separate will cause damage to both surfaces. Cold cure resins of the type used by the dentist do just that! they don't produce exotherm hence when the dentist fills your mouth with a load of rubbery goo which sets as a perfect replica of your teeth. So this stuff can be obtained not from your local dentist but from dental pharmacies suppliers.:trains::dig:

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