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60's and 70's CIE Photos.

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What is interesting is how much goods traffic CIE carried in the 60s and even in the early 70s with mixed rakes of two axle goods wagons, and how every small station handled goods traffic. The photos of Galway and Killarney goods yards were interesting given they were taken in 1975 when container traffic had started but where still handling pick up goods wagons. I remember mid 70s seeing passing goods trains still stopping at intermediate stations to drop off one or two wagons and pick them up again on the way back to Dublin. Lots of shunting operations, lots of GM notching sounds wafting across the countryside. I nearly feel off my perch when I saw the photo above of two B&T 121s passing each other on the loop in Carrickonshannon.

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A lovely collection of photos that evoke memories of when we were young, even though I have no firsthand experience of Irish railways then, or now for that matter. This has made me realise that my plans to reproduce trains in the 70s, 80s and 90s are overambitious, so my collection of IR/IE 071's, 141/181/s, 201's and Cravens is open to offers so that I can concentrate on the 70's when the old order was coming to an end and the new was just beginning.



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