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1950s Soft Drink and Tobacco Signs for Bantry

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Tobacco products are probably the easier, there being a plethora of advertisments; Player's Please/Wills's Woodbines/Garryowen Plug/Clune's Kincora Plug/Carroll's/Sweet Afton were all popular brands. They were advertised all over the country. Some had identical signage to those in the UK,  some had variations....Irish language versions or in the case of some Player's signs "made in our Dublin factory" or "Irish made".

Mineral waters...in West Cork territory would be Deasy's Mineral Waters Clonakilty, but have not come across adverts for them.

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From the O'Dea Collection, he took at least 2 street scenes of Bantry, but they're both a bit fuzzy... I can make out an 'Afton' Cigarettes hanging sign, probably an illuminated one.

Here are two scenes of Bandon he took, presumably on account of the cloak-wearing woman, the garment being very much a rarity at the time. Bandon seems to have a lot 'busier' shopfronts than Bantry, with signs for the inevitable booze and cigarettes, but there's BSA, HMV and Lyons Tea as well.

By the way, there's a Bantry 'Down Memory Lane' Facebook group, might be another source of photos.



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Nash's Red Lemonade

On 12/2/2017 at 5:13 PM, bantree said:

What brands of soft drinks and tobacco would have been displayed on hoardings and cafes in the 1950s which would be relevant to County Cork?

Nash's Red Lemonade would be a local product and very popular. It was made in Newcastlewest and still produces Ballygowan and TK.

The tobacco was varied, here's a great link.

MickMcQuaid stands out for me though (hack, hack, cough, wheeze....)



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Irish/Cork specific signs... Very much doubt a Dublin dairy product (Premier Dairies) made it all the way down to West Cork without going sour. No shortage of local product.

Down that part of the country I would expect newsagents/grocers shops to advertise The Cork Examiner (aka 'de paper'...pre name-change), The Farmers Journal and the local (well, Skibbereen) Southern Star on sale.







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